The 4-2-3-1 – Standard vs Attacking Mentality

In this article I carry on the 4-2-3-1 deep discussion. This time with a focus on the standard mentality and the attacking mentality settings. Hopefully it will highlight some of the differences between the two settings and explain a little bit about how they differ and the pros and cons of both methods. For the basis of this thread, I played the same team with two different mentality structures. I used attacking mentality and the standard mentality to highlight the differences. These are the only two I did as I didn’t have time to do more. However you’ll get the idea and the point I am making hopefully. So let’s just dive straight into it. Continue reading The 4-2-3-1 – Standard vs Attacking Mentality

Showcase – DazzaFM

Hey guys I’m DazzaFM a Football Manager YouTuber and Twitch streamer. I’m 27 years old and a huge Leicester fan, I have played Football Manager from day one the game is something I really enjoy especially recording my videos for YouTube and LIVE streaming through This game has gave me opportunities to meet new football fans and football manager fans which has been a huge highlight for me. Continue reading Showcase – DazzaFM

Consectatio Excellentiae – End of year one

I came into my first season expecting very little in regards to progress. The aim all along was to make the play-offs as dictated to by the board and also start to reshape the squad. There where zero transfers in during the summer as I turned off the first window, all the deals were done as in real life and we had to go from there. We were hit badly with injuries losing Vaughan and Grabban early on for extended periods we also lost Maja to injury too but despite some big injuries we could not have got a better start, when young new Zealand defender Sam Brotherton headed home our first against Derby i knew that the faith in some of the clubs U23 players would pay off.

Continue reading Consectatio Excellentiae – End of year one

The Football’s Kindgom

Santos Futebol Clube has a rich history of developing the next generation of talent in world football. Names such as Pelé, Robinho, Diego, Ganso and Neymar are all names that came from the famous academy over the years and that tradition doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon. When Neymar was sold to Barcelona Santos had another young exciting prospect ready to step in and fill his boots in the name of Gabriel Barbosa or Gabigol as he is more commonly known as. But sadly for Santos fans he has now left the club but there are rumours circulating that he could be a Santos player again very soon. Thiago Maia is also another product of the Santos academy that has now left too. Continue reading The Football’s Kindgom

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