The Art of Goalkeeping

When playing Football Manager we never really hear about how people utilise goalkeepers on the game. You might see the odd person mention they’ve had their keeper score a couple of goals over the years but for most parts, all we hear about keepers is people saying they ask theirs to distribute it to the defenders. I’d say that is about it for how people detail to use goalkeepers, no-one ever really talks about the other ways you can use the goalkeeper. I’m guessing most people see a goalkeeper and think ‘there’s nothing much I can do with them’. But they can be a great tool. Some of the ways you can utilise them would be; Continue reading The Art of Goalkeeping

Preparing For Promotion

Gaining promotion can bring about a lot of changes at a club, across all levels whether it be finances, players, staff or even scouting costs. The changes can come with a number of implications too. A quick example would be player contracts, any new faces you bring in will likely want bigger wages than you normally pay. While the existing players at the club will likely also demand a wage rise when it comes to contract negotiations. Continue reading Preparing For Promotion

Consectatio Excellentiae – Seventh Heaven?…Not quite

When we left last season we had come so close to the clubs first title since 1936 but we fell away towards the end eventually finishing behind both Manchester United and Chelsea missing out on the title by only 4 points. The board had demanded that we qualify for Europe but I was more than happy to aim for the champions league again, I didn’t think we were quite there to be champions as the original big six were better than us but I figured if we nicked some unexpected results we could push someone all the way but be a bit more proactive in the cup so far bar a championship title i’d only picked up a league cup.

Continue reading Consectatio Excellentiae – Seventh Heaven?…Not quite

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