A Flemish Fable – Chapter 47
Fraser FC
March 2032…   Battle lines are drawn. Three points is the gap between first and fourth and a big team has missed the top six. The final 10 games are upon us and the Belgian first division enters its final stage for 2031/32… League We have certainly fought well this season where we had a … Continue reading A Flemish Fable – Chapter 47
Another 4 Year Plan
The Midfield QB
A new manager and a new plan.
Amazing Ajax
Dictate The Game
How little AFC Ajax is beating the best in Europe (a tactical replication) By taking down two of the biggest names in soccer, Ajax thumbed its nose to the money behind them. The Dutch team’s astonishing run to the Champions League semifinals, outplaying both Real Madrid and Juventus in their home stadiums, has transformed Ajax … Continue reading Amazing Ajax
Creating Tactics – The Book of Roles (1) in FM19
Bust The Net
Creating Tactics : The Book of Roles in FM19 When creating tactics we need to know how we are going to win games with the players at our disposal. Visualising how we score goals helps. You need to pick your battles carefully on the pitch, choosing which ones to win and which ones you can afford to lose. There are many ways to build a tactic, you can go ground up by analysing your team to find a...
Geocaching Podcast Mission: GeoCache A Day Challenge April 22nd
The Wheel Fell Off
Day 22 - Shortyknits and Scott Berks, from The Geocaching Podcast, asked us to go and retrieve a trackable for them. A mission too good to pass up on.
The B’s of Manchester – Part 8
CM 9798
It might be Easter Monday but that won’t stop @SupernovaDragon bringing you the latest from the Man Utd B team. They narrowly missed out on promotion in season one, how is season two shaping up? Catch up with part 7 … Continue reading →
The Revival of the Ruthless Rovers- The Team to Start the Age of Ruthlessness
Centre Mid
The Revival of the Ruthless Rovers- The Team to Start the Age of Ruthlessness [...]
F.C Europa Part 13: The Drought is Over
StratMan Gaming
Hello and welcome back to my journey with F.C Europa where I am trying to get a player from each UEFA nation to play for, score and get man of the match for my team! After a shockingly good league campaign last season, finishing a distant runner up to PSG and a shockingly disappointing cupContinue reading "F.C Europa Part 13: The Drought is Over"
Normandy kids | 1.3 | Creating a tactic from scratch
Newgen Novels
Creating a tactic can be done in many ways. None of them is ‘the right way’, ‘the best way’ and none of them is ‘the wrong way’ neither. If it works for you, then it’s perfectly fine! In today’s post, I want to show you my way of creating a tactic. This blog post won’t … Continue reading Normandy kids | 1.3 | Creating a tactic...
Floreat Salopia: Season 3, Part 6
Fuller FM
My FM19 Shrewsbury story resumes as we play seven more matches in League One - and our 16-year-old hotshot attracts interest from bigger clubs.