Mauro Icardi
Moussa Marega
Sons Of The Gods | 2.1 – Domestic Dominance
Hairdryer Treatment
Fresh off a treble winning season, how do Ajax cope with the added expectations.
My Squad Views
FM Tahiti
La Orana!I've got some squad views. They might be helpful. They might not be. But they are what I'm using currently. A lot of the inspiration for them comes from views such as Loki Doki's and FoxInTheBox's views, and from concepts such as Fibra (see FM Grasshopper) and general squad DNA.I've been using them to help clarify my squad choices. This is really important because all my players are...
Going Places
Bjoerns FM
Previously in Sigurd’s life. Linus Nilsson, chairman and president of Ytterhogdals IK took the stage to give his speech at YIK’s annual end of season commemmoration. Ladies and gentlemen! It is a pleasure for me to welcome so many of you to this year’s season review of Ytterhogdals IK. I am more than happy about … Continue reading Going Places →
So.. Theres a few people who read this, who know me personally, and, know the problems I’ve had with my mental health over the last few years. This post is to go a little bit in depth into something, which I’m doing, with the support of my friends, and colleagues. I’ve been through therapy before, … Read More "Therapy…."
Incredible Turnaround |MVV Review & Groningen #1 | Football Manager 2019 Stories
Viva La Vida FM
Erwin van Dijk has seen a truly incredible turnaround in his fortunes as a manager. He resigned from Plymouth 15 months ago and now he is managing a side in the Eredivisie. How did that happen? Read this Football Manager 2019 story post to find out!
The World Cup of Tribute Band Names – Group C
Matt Oswin
Watch the draw again The tribute bands in Group C are Blobbie Williams (Robbie Williams), By Jovi (Bon Jovi) and Paramore Or Less (Paramore). Vote for your favourite tribute band name – the top two progress. Advertisements
2019 Premier League Week 3
Matt Oswin
Gerwyn Price V James Wade – Wade win Steve Lennon V Peter Wright – Wright win Michael van Gerwen V Rob Cross – van Gerwen win Michael Smith V Daryl Gurney – Smith win Mensur Suljovic V Raymond van Barneveld – van Barneveld win Leave a comment with your predictions. Advertisements
AIK: Save Aims & Restrictions
Weegie FM
This is the first time I have ever ventured into Scandinavia on any edition of Football Manager. The leagues are competitive but very much on the fringe in terms of European competition. I have several aims and objectives that I hope to achieve whilst at AIK. Short Term Aims: Return AIK to the top of…