20+ Brazilian Cup Defeats – Let’s Do It All Again

On Football Manager 2013 I had the best save I ever had with Paysandu in the Brazilian Leagues. It was also one of the most frustrating because I failed miserably to win one specific competition, the Brazilian Cup. I know people think I’m always successful and that the game is easy but I still suffer the same bad luck as other users and have bogey teams and competitions I can’t beat and win at times. The Brazilian Cup was just that for me, I made the final 20+ times and lost every single go. It still hurts to this day. When Football Manager 2014 came out, the first thing I did was select a Brazilian team and win it at the first attempt just to prove I could.

I played over 25 seasons on Football Manager 13 with Paysandu, which is still my record for one save. I normally play more than that with all my combined saved games but never as just one club. I normally get bored or get side tracked with the stuff I write and have to create new saves for them. I’m hoping to recapture this magic on Football Manager 2019 and going back to Paysandu to build a new dynasty and hopefully win the one competition I failed to win the last time.

When thinking of me and Brazilian football, many of you will likely associate me with Santos. But I’ve always had a little soft spot for Paysandu too because of the history they have. Not only that but the club is also situated in one of the top 10 murder rate cities in the world. It’s a very intriguing place is Belem, even if it's for the wrong reasons. I like clubs that have history or a good story attached to them and Paysandu is one of those clubs.

Last season they had an Englishman playing for them, Ryan Williams. Sadly he only played one game but you can check out his story here;


People can be mistaken for thinking Paysandu are a Uruguayan club because it’s the name of a city in Uruguay. To find out more about why they’re using the name Paysandu and get a history of their rivalry with Club do Remo then read this fantastic article;


I had planned on playing Football Manager 2019 in a unique way but it now seems a few others have caught wind of the idea and announced they’ll be doing something similar. So I need your help to add a few twists to the way I play to make it unique and have longevity. I want to stop myself from getting bored and want to add restrictions to make the game harder. The idea so far is;

Attributes - I will create a custom skin/panels that hide all attributes on the save game. This will increase the game difficulty and make me think about the save in a more realistic way. I’ll rely heavily on scouting and their report cards for players. I’ll also manually scout players myself to see what they can do. Every single player I sign, I will have scouted myself and any decisions will be based on what I see them doing.

I like the idea of playing in a way that makes me visualise everything in more detail and not get hung up on the attribute skill sets the players have. I also want to show people a different side to Football Manager and show a different way of playing. I think this way of playing will make for a good read for those who follow and it’ll spawn some interesting articles and discussions.

What I’m wanting from you though, is to give me suggestions to make the game more unique and different to what everyone else is doing. So if you have any suggestions please post them below or on Twitter.


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  1. You can only sign players from the Northern region of Brazil. It’s the largest by territory but the least populated. So only players from the following states. Acre, Amapa, Amazonas, Para, Rondonia, Roraima and Tocantins. Try and find the next Socrates who was born in Belem. And as they had one English player last season. You can sign one English/non Brazilian per season

    1. Good suggestions thanks. I’m unsure how to handle signing players as I don’t normally do it that often when managing in Brazil. I just tend to use the youth teams.

  2. I was talking about the “masking” of attributes with my brother in law and thought it would add a lot to the realistic side of the game. So happy you are about to try this. We said that this has to go along with a whole new training system in FM. Don’t know if FM19 will allow you to but I propose to only use the players who work hard on the training field in matches as a recognition for their efforts or something!

  3. Like the real world of football is moving towards, all purchases, contracts etc are undertaken by your DOF with you as head coach overlooking player development, tactics etc.
    You can suggest players to purchase but have to leave it up to him to seal the deal.
    And if he sells your best player then so be it.
    Look forward to reading about the new save!

  4. I remember Paysandu beating Boca Juniors in La Bombonera, crraziest day in brazilian clubnfootball.

  5. I made a save without loking attributes, though without scouting myself, in FM14. It was an interesting experience, but FM14 wasn’t exactly a version I enjoyed so it took quite a bit of fun off it and though I’ve thought at times of retrying it, I never got to do it.

    1. I will only be buying players based on the scout reports and watching them play myself. As for selling a player, I don’t really know yet. I guess I’ll find out what the criteria is when I start as I don’t have any pre made decisions or ideas about selling anyone

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