The Art of The Brazilian Box Part Two

In the first lot of analysis I did, it seemed focus on the two defensive midfielders and the two box to box players. They didn’t seem to link together or do what I wanted during the defensive phases of play. Going forward it looked good though but the midfield was a concern. So I’ll be having a brief look to see if I can spot the same issues as the previous game. But I’ll be mainly looking at identifying different issues rather than focusing on stuff that I already know from the first game. So let's jump straight in. Continue reading The Art of The Brazilian Box Part Two

Art of The Brazilian Box 4-2-2-2

Creating a tactic is one of the simplest things you can do on Football Manager, it takes seconds to do it. However creating one that works and is successfully consistent over a period of time is a lot trickier to achieve. Hopefully this article (although I might have to split these into a mini series depending on how long they become) will explain my process and reasonings behind the decisions I make. I’m not saying this is the best or the only way of doing things, as usual, this is just my methods and what works best for me. Continue reading Art of The Brazilian Box 4-2-2-2

New Beginnings

It's been a while since I took my old blog down, SI Sports Centre. The reasons for doing this were made clear at the time, both a lack of energy and no longer having as much free time or getting enjoyment from the game. Nothings really changed in that sense, so you might think this is strange that I'm setting up this blog. I guess it is.

But I wanted to bring back some of the old content I'd posted in the past because it's still relevant and people keep asking me for links to certain articles.  I won't be bringing it all back though, this will just be the best (well what I deemed best) work that I did and be a collection of those posts and articles.

It might take a bit of time to do this. I have uploaded a back up and have all the files on the server already but I want to check through them and decide which articles I want to go live and which ones probably aren't and want deleting because their either shit or no longer relevant.

Moving forward there will be new content added for Football Manager 2018. And as you probably guessed it will all be about Santos. I don't know at what speed or frequency the articles will be added to the site once the game is finally released. But there should be some kind of steady flow. Content wise you can expect to see the usual type of articles that I used to produce, the only difference is, they'll be about my Santos side.  

Don't worry these posts will not be the save game update posts that people do. These would be more aimed at specific issues I encountered or updating you on things like player development and the long-term/short-term impacts.  Or stuff along those lines rather than the typical 'monthly game updates' that people do.

The Art of Counter Attacking Football

There seems to be a lot of confusion with regards to creating a pure counter attacking tactic on Football Manager. I’m not sure why it seems a big issue, especially in the past week, the amount of articles, threads or posts all discussing it they all seem to follow a theme were the people discussing it are confused. So hopefully this article will go a long way to fixing that and teach you the basics of using a pure counter attacking tactic. When thinking about counter attacking football I always think of this quote; Continue reading The Art of Counter Attacking Football