Making A League More Competitive

I wanted to write something short for a change so decided to write about something I do to try to improve my league. One of the challenges for me when playing Football Manager is me trying to stay interested in a save long enough. It doesn’t matter if I start in the lower divisions and work my way up or start as a top team, sooner or later the game becomes far too easy and winning the league becomes really easy and no-one can really catch me. So I have to think of ways to get around this and stop me from becoming bored. One of these methods I have come up with (I know others who do this too) is to build a competitive league. Continue reading Making A League More Competitive

Playing Styles – The Attribute Side

It’s not only the shape, roles and duties that you choose that determine how you can play. When creating a tactical style you need to ensure you have players with the correct attributes to play this way. Below is a list of attributes I look for in players if I want to create some of these styles. There not set in stone but remember these are just my opinions and this is aimed at those who might be struggling with the game or need to strip everything back because they’ve become confused. Continue reading Playing Styles – The Attribute Side

Making Use Of Notes

There can be lots of information to process and remember when playing Football Manager, especially if you are into player development. It can be a nightmare trying to remember who is on what schedule or what individual focus you have selected. Over the past month or so, I’ve had a lot of questions asking me how I keep track on these things myself. So thought I’d show you all. I’ve wrote about this in the past but thought I’d revisit it now people seem more interested. Continue reading Making Use Of Notes

Enganche vs Enganche

In the last article I introduced you to my Enganches and showed what they did during a game. I said if people were interested I’d do an Enganche comparison for both players who play the role and show you how differently they interpret that role. So this is that article. What I’ll do is just focus on one match for now as I don’t want to ramble on for too long. So I’ll take one match from the current season I’m in (I’m only 4 games into the season anyway) for both players and show below how they differ.
Continue reading Enganche vs Enganche

Meet The Enganche(s)

In one of the other tactical analysis piece I did earlier in the year, I was having trouble with the Trequartista and he was roaming about far too frequent and being much deeper than I had hoped. So I said I was going to change the role to an Enganche to offer me a better, more static options. The reason for this was simple, by using a Trequartista when he dropped deep or moved out wide this disjointed the entire attack because the striker was also going wide. Not only this but at times, it meant my inside forward was isolated and I couldn’t quite connect with him as much as I’d have liked. Which was a big deal considering he is to be the team's main scorer. With this in mind I thought rather than do a normal analysis article I’d mix it up a bit and do something a bit different again.
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The Walls of Jericho

Breaking sides down has to be one of the biggest downfalls people suffer with on Football Manager. On the forums, blogs and Twitter, I see this mentioned a lot. I see posts that mention one week they beat top of the league then the week after getting hammered against the club bottom of the league. People can’t seem to get their head around why it happens, so hopefully, this will explain in detail why it can happen. I’ll not be focusing on one game in particular but instead, I’ll be focusing on several to highlight the common issues you are likely to come up against when facing these types of teams. Then I’ll be focusing on how I try to combat this and give you some ideas that you might be able to try in your own save. Remember everything you see below is with me using the 4-4-2 that I discussed earlier in the series. Continue reading The Walls of Jericho