From the O’s to Who Knows?

Hi all, I’m @MUFCPiece  on twitter and I am going to attempt to do something pretty new in terms of how I play Football Manager. I am going to share my save through writing a blog for the very first time! I have been playing Football Manager since 2012 and it has always been something that I was tempted by, so for this year, my goal is to become better at writing. As I’m new to this, if you have any feedback on how I can write better or give any information in a better way, please feel free to tweet me. Continue reading From the O’s to Who Knows?

12 Step Guide To Tactics

Not many people understand the match engine and how it works better than guest author @BusttheNet (Rashid1 on the SI forums). I recommend that if you are a fan of my site then please give Rashidi a follow as he is criminally underrated and followed on social media. He offers guides on his website but he also has a YouTube channel where you can find informative tactical videos. His work really is some of the best out there so be sure to check him out. Continue reading 12 Step Guide To Tactics

Football Manager 2018 New Roles Explained

On this years Football Manager 2018, Sports Interactive have introduced some new exotic roles for us all to use. Some of these roles you might have heard the names mentioned before, especially if you’re into the tactical side of thing. The new roles are; Continue reading Football Manager 2018 New Roles Explained

Consectatio Excellentiae – Introduction

Unforced errors, Nobody is too big to go down, shambles of a club, The Club is a shambles, rotten core, mismanaged from top to bottom.

Continue reading Consectatio Excellentiae – Introduction