Making The Most Of Pre-Season

I often get asked how I set up for pre-season and make the best of the time available. Pre-season is one of the most important times at the club because if you get this right you can start the season in the right frame of mind and hit the ground running. The majority of my success on FM is down to how I approach pre-season as I believe I set up the best I possibly can for me and my club and the style I play. So why is it important? Well let me show you how I approach it and then you can see why. Continue reading Making The Most Of Pre-Season

Showcase – Cookies FMS

First off, let me introduce myself... I'm Cookies FMS a Football Manager addict. It is fair to say i have been playing Football Manager since the Championship Manager days. My first football management game was "Ultimate Soccer Manager 98/99". It was only playable on windows 98 but I enjoyed hours upon hours of enjoyment on that game. This then sparked my interest in "LMA Manager" then "Total Club Manager" which shortly grew into "FIFA Manager". Not forgetting "FA Premier League Manager" another great game on PC. But none compare the greatest football management game on the earth. Football Manager. Continue reading Showcase – Cookies FMS