Consectatio Excellentiae – End of Season Four

We move onto season four with three years of Premier League riches in our pocket, adding to the money my Hungarian overlords keep giving me. This was the year I’m hoping to push more for at least a Europa league spot I tried to spend big last year to go all out but players turned me down left right and centre as they wanted champions league football which I didn’t have. So I’ve had to go for the more steady approach and we managed to get solid top half finishes in our first two seasons in the top flight so far. Last season I identified the wing backs as primarily my weak link and knew they would have to be replaced if we were to kick on.

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Meet The Inside Forward

When playing football manager and selecting player roles, a few individuals choose a role and think that is it and expect it to perform instantly. But in some cases it’s much more than the role you’ve selected and is about the team as a whole, especially for roles that are creative or for the ones you want to be the goal scoring roles. If you use a creative role, then who is the player creating for? Who provides him the ball and what the player do with the ball. Or if it’s a goal scoring role, then who is the one providing the supply and what kind of supply? Who offers the support? And so on. Continue reading Meet The Inside Forward