Consectatio Excellentiae – Seventh Heaven?…Not quite

When we left last season we had come so close to the clubs first title since 1936 but we fell away towards the end eventually finishing behind both Manchester United and Chelsea missing out on the title by only 4 points. The board had demanded that we qualify for Europe but I was more than happy to aim for the champions league again, I didn't think we were quite there to be champions as the original big six were better than us but I figured if we nicked some unexpected results we could push someone all the way but be a bit more proactive in the cup so far bar a championship title i'd only picked up a league cup.

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Consectatio Excellentiae – Season six so close yet so far

Last season we pushed the top four before falling away so I had a good feeling that the squad for the most part would be able to get a champions league spot, as the quality was there but perhaps not the depth so the first thing I did was set about selling squad players, while it may sound a bit counter productive I wanted to use the opportunity to try to blood through a few of the younger lads and in turn sign even more promising 18 yr old's to go into the youth sides.
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Distance Covered’s 4-2-2-2

This is written by guest author @DistanceCovered who is a very talented football writer. You can check some of his work out here;

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The Segundo Volante

One of my favourite additions to Football Manager 2018 was one of the new player roles, the Segundo Volante. There has been a lot wrote about the role already but none of what has been written is that accurate and doesn’t really highlight what the role does and how it behaves. Hopefully this article can clear some of the misconceptions up.I actually wrote about the new roles briefly and what they did when Football Manager 18 was released. Continue reading The Segundo Volante