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Making A League More Competitive

I wanted to write something short for a change so decided to write about something I do to try to improve my league. One of the challenges for me when playing Football Manager is me trying to stay interested in a save long enough. It doesn’t matter if I start in the lower divisions and work my way up or start as a top team, sooner or later the game becomes far too easy and winning the league becomes really easy and no-one can really catch me. So I have to think of ways to get around this and stop me from becoming bored. One of these methods I have come up with (I know others who do this too) is to build a competitive league. Continue reading Making A League More Competitive

Making Use Of Notes

There can be lots of information to process and remember when playing Football Manager, especially if you are into player development. It can be a nightmare trying to remember who is on what schedule or what individual focus you have selected. Over the past month or so, I’ve had a lot of questions asking me how I keep track on these things myself. So thought I’d show you all. I’ve wrote about this in the past but thought I’d revisit it now people seem more interested. Continue reading Making Use Of Notes