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A few people have spoken about creating a book club for the Football Manager community for quite some time, yet no-one has done it. Well that’s about to change (hopefully). I’ve decided to give it a go as interest in it seems quite high.

On the blog, I’ve had football book reviews on a separate page for the past few years. It’s amazing the people who visit this site and still don’t realise it exists!

Running a book club shouldn’t be that difficult, in fact it's easy. All that’s needed is people take part in it.

So how will it work?

I know that some people read books on a daily basis and complete them quickly, while others read them at a much slower pace. With this in mind, I’m thinking we should have a different book every month or maybe two months. It really depends on what we all agree on as a collective. I think monthly would be my preferred option but that could be too fast for some people. So I’ll run a few polls to see what people think would be the best option.

The idea is we all read the same book and then share our reactions to the book. Did you like it, was it just okay or was it poor? And try to explain why. Did the book have a running theme through it and did that translate across to the reader. Is there a memorable part of the book that you could really relate to? Would you read more stuff from the author of the book and so on.

It should hopefully generate discussion and create a nice little niche community inside the Football Manager community. Everyone has different styles and tastes so the discussion surrounding the books could be fascinating.

What sort of books we should read can also be debated. Do we want to keep it football specific or should we open it up to cover any sporting book? While there is a great amount of football books available, some of the other books written about other sports still have a great impact on football in general. But by excluding other sports we could maybe be limiting ourselves and missing out on some great interesting stories.

Also how do we choose the books? Do we decide via polls which books we read next from a various list. Or do we go around each member and allow them to choose a book to read? This could be problematic if we end up with lots of different users though, but I don’t know how big this might be.

As you can see, none of the finer details have been decided as I don’t want this to be about what I want. I’d prefer it if everyone felt inclusive in the decision-making and make it feel like you are part of something. Although I’ve obviously had to decide the first book.But  we can sort all of the finer details in the coming weeks.

The First Book

As we need something to actually kick this off, I decided we’d start with something that I believe most people won’t have read and that is fairly cheap (if you get the kindle version).

The Bottom Corner: Hope, Glory and Non-League Football by Nige Tassell

In these days of oligarch owners, superstar managers and players on sky-high wages, the tide is turning towards the lower reaches of the pyramid as fans search for football with a soul.

Plucky underdogs or perennial underachievers, your local non-league team offers hope, drama or at least a Saturday afternoon ritual that's been going for decades. Nige Tassell spends a season in the non-league world. He meets the raffle-ticket seller who wants her ashes scattered in the centre-circle. The envelope salesman who discovered a future England international. The ex-pros still playing with undiluted passion on Sunday mornings. He spends time at clubs looking for promotion to the Football League, clubs just aiming to get eleven players on a pitch every week, and everything in between.

One thing unites them: they all inhabit the heartland of the beautiful game.

I’ve set up a group for the FM Book Club over on the website;

In here we can keep up to date with the books we’ve read or are currently reading. It can also be a hub for everyone who wants to participate and a place we can discuss the books and make decisions that need to be made.

Hopefully a few of you will participate so it isn’t only me talking to myself 🙂

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  1. I’ve started reading this book, it’s really a great read. Thanks for suggesting it, I never would have come across it on my own.

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