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There can be lots of information to process and remember when playing Football Manager, especially if you are into player development. It can be a nightmare trying to remember who is on what schedule or what individual focus you have selected. Over the past month or so, I’ve had a lot of questions asking me how I keep track on these things myself. So thought I’d show you all. I’ve wrote about this in the past but thought I’d revisit it now people seem more interested.

You don’t need a pen and you don’t need a piece of paper, you can keep track from inside the game yourself. I use the ‘Notes’ feature inside Football Manager, for me, it’s one of the most useful features there is. Yet it’s so undervalued by many. If we take a look at my notebook inside the game, it currently looks something like this;

I have lots of training and tutoring notes. I’ll now show you how to use them and why they are useful (for me at least).

There are a few different ways to create notes in Football Manager but I tend to use this method the most. As I use the notes features mainly for tutoring and training messages then it’s easier to go to the players individual profile page.

Once there, click on the history tab and then click on the ‘create note’ action. Once you do this, the screen should look something like this;

As you can see, Arthur already has lots of notes. What I tend to do here is before I create the note, I make some categories to make it easier to filter between all the different things I’m keeping track of. To do this we click on the categories tab on the right hand side of the above screenshot.

Then you should see something like this. Click the edit categories action.

The screen should then look like this. You can see I already have two categories listed already that I’ve created. What you need to do to add a new one, is to hit the create a button down in the bottom left corner.

When the above box appears just type in the name you want to appear for the categories you’re creating. You can create as many as you like, so just keep repeating the above process until you’ve got all the categories you need.

Then if we go back to the overview screen so it looks like this;

We can now create the note we want. What I do first is specify the category I want the note to appear under. So click on the categories button again.

It should now look like this. On some occasions though, the categories bit, might still be grayed out. if this happens just click the edit categories action and when it appears, hit the OK button. Then it should look like the above screenshot. Once you’ve done this it tells you what category the note will come under, here;

I selected training and now it appears on the above. Now we can create the note.

It doesn’t really matter what you put in the title box, as long as you understand what it means. Myself, if it’s a training note then I tend to use things like ‘Individual focus 1’ and so on. This is so I can keep track of how many times I’ve put him on different focuses. So just put something that you can understand.

In the actual note section though, it’s important you put the player's name in the box somewhere. If you don’t, then when you get a news item it can be difficult to see which player it’s for. So what I do is put something like ‘Arthur on stamina training 30 days’ then when the news item arrives, it will say exactly that.

If you wrote what I mentioned above then this is how it appears in your inbox. If I had just put ‘stamina training for 30 days’ then that’s what message would have appeared. Which could be confusing as you’d not know which player it was for, if you set notes for lots of players like I do. So it’s important you put something into the note box that allows you, to identify the player.

Once you created the note then you want to set a reminder.

The reminder date options allows you to specify which date you want the reminder to appear on. For example if it’s a 30 day focus you’ve put someone on, then when you click the reminder date you’ll see a screen like this;

And then you’d select a date that is 30 days from the date you set the focus on. And if you want you can choose to be reminded about the note at different times too.

If you click the reminder occurrence, then a screen like this becomes visible. I tend to use this to remind me about more long-term things that I might forget. For example if I was using a training schedule that was only being used for a specific amount of time before changing the player to another, then I’d select this for every month, every three months etc.

Then once you’ve created the notes, they will appear in your inbox on the date you’ve selected. It really is that simple and this is the way I keep track of all my training and tutoring messages. Hopefully others will find this useful too 🙂

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