Nacional is dead . . . long live Nautico (1.2)

This is written by guest author Chris Johnson who works as a cameraman and has just finished making a film. Chris can be found on Twitter here @randomfilming. You can also check out more about the film that Chris has just finished, by following this link

So here is where you take everything written in part one of my blog series and throw it out the window. In a time where FM Blogs are getting more and more popular I can imagine wasting time reading an intro about a game that’s never going to happen is infuriating. (Sorry)

It appears the extra league structure add-on database is either not coming or because of changes to the editor it will be some time before it’s released.

With no club from Amazonia being on the game from start-up I had two options, Holiday year after year until one finally arises from the depths or look elsewhere.

From Manaus to Recife

The City of Recife is in the North East region of Brazil and was a host for the 2014 World Cup. It’s huge port provides the largest gateway for goods coming from Europe into South America and along with normal cargo is me, a complete unknown English manager.

Clube Nautico Capibaribe unsurprisingly means Nautical and was named after the founding Portuguese immigrants who setup in Recife over 400 years ago.

Due to the large amount of people arriving from other continents, The early 1900’s meant they had a squad made up mainly of Englishmen and Germans. (I’m considering trying to find a suitable player from each of these nations as a nice nod to the past.)

Having been relegated from the top flight in 2013 they found Serie B tougher than expected and after four uneventful years suffered further relegation in 2017.

The impressive State of the Art Pernambuco Stadium

The Arena Pernambuco is a 46,000 capacity behemoth of a ground. Stunning to look at but with only 2000 supporters making the long journey out-of-town each weekend it’s seen to be an Albatross around the clubs neck. After two years of negotiations the club has now moved home into the City Centre and back to Aflitos where the fans feel they belong.

Afilitos — Returning Home

Rather than me tell you the whole story or plagiarise someone else’s work please have a read of this article. For anyone interested it tells the whole story of the problems Nautico have found with their stadium switch.

Stadium —

The clubs highest ever finish was as runner-up in the Serie A Championship back in 1967. With very little success since then they are now firmly in their most fiercest rivals Sport Recife’s shadow. The games between the two sides are known as Classico dos Classicos which means “The Derby of the Derbies”, and is in fact the third oldest Derby in Brazilian Football. There is a lot of rivalry between the two clubs, Nautico was once the elitst club looking down on Recife where as their rivals were the club of the common man.

In a lot of narrative FM stories you normally find people choosing sides that topple their snobby local rivals but not me. I fully intend to return Náutico back onto their lofty perch and shit all over the working class of Recife. (A Direct Quote from my welcome Press Conference).

Now down to the club and the cards I have been dealt:

Financially/ We aren’t in good shape, with just under ‘One Million Real’ – £200k (Real being the currency in Brazil) in the bank we can’t really expect to go out and pay money for players. The majority of our cash flow has to go on supporting the current outgoing we may incur to avoid slipping into the red. I considered some high-profile friendlies but I actually prefer to play against teams around the same level to gage where we are at. I’ll address it month by month to see if there are ways we can work a few quid spare to maybe invest in a player but at this point I’m not sure it’s wise.

Squad/ I’m happy. When I first sat down and went through it all I was a little pissed to see the five highest rated players all out on loan. To make it worse not one of them has a recall option in their contract.

The 5 highest rated players in the Nautico squad all allowed to leave on 12 month loan deals

There are some silver linings though as looking into the reserves and youth team I believe there are more than a few who could compete with the first team squad.

Julio and Lucas are two 16-year-old strikers

Above are screenshots of Julio and Lucas, both are promising and both 16 years of age. I can’t help thinking how nice it would be to keep them both and use them in the coming few years. As I explain a little later I’m hoping to have a very fluid side so getting these two acquainted with plenty of roles is key. It would be great in years to come to have these two leading the side out.

Recruitment/ I’m going to try to give everyone games in preseason to prove themselves. I know it’s not a lot of time but in versions gone by I have often quick glanced some players and discarded them. Once decisions have been made I’ll have a day in-game time where the players who are deemed not good enough will all be listed, offered out and dropped into the reserves. Squad harmony or not if they aren’t good enough I like to think I would tell them straight, no messing about and then move them on.

Transfers/ Any incomings will more than likely come from out of contract players, a quick look at the South American market and it seems the majority of players have upwards of fifteen clubs on their CV’s, they actually make Trevor Benjamin (One for the kids) look like a loyal club servant.

Gabriel becomes my first signing

Fellype Gabriel was the first name through the door. He has experience and a decent pedigree. His ability to play multiple attacking roles being the main reason that pushed him to the top of my list.

Tactics/ This was actually something I tried towards the end of FM18 and wanted to take it on into this game. Apart from the obvious setup I want to train players who can interchange positions throughout games without it being detrimental to our ability as a whole. For instance Gabriel above has been signed to play out on the left but has more than enough about him to play in two to three positions and multiple roles within that system. Some games the Trequartista will be another striker and other times a playmaker. I’m hoping to have a really fluid squad by the close of the first few transfer windows.

Attempting Asymmetrical

So it’s only week one but I’m looking forward to it. I’ll try and do updates on the FM Slack in my own channel and right a blog possibly twice a season. I am genuinely looking forward to playing in South America on this years game and I hope it doesn’t all come crashing down by getting sack early doors 😂.

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