Nautico — The Darkness behind the Light

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Having completed my first season in charge of Nautico I wasn’t really feeling the urge to write it up. My mid-season review became a little ‘and then we did that, and then we did this’ which isn’t what I really wanted. I only write the blog up as it actually makes the game a bit more interesting for myself so I thought I would change it up a little.

Throughout this twelve months, I have really struggled with team morale and individual player management. Due to the vast amount of games, I started to do a lot of rotation, it was obvious players couldn’t play three games a week, every week. The regulars didn’t like this and quickly it got out of hand but I plugged on with my way of creating a fluid squad where players changed between the First team, Subs and reserves. Even my better players occasionally ran out for the second string.

One of the Journalists in the game kept berating me in press conferences so I thought why not do this season review through his eyes, just to mix it up.

It isn’t in any way a massive piece, One of the reasons being the amount of content out there at the minute is quite staggering and time-consuming to keep up, so I thought I would try to keep it brief.

Nautico — The Darkness behind the Light

Looking back at Nautico Head Coach Chris Johnson’s first six months in charge, you would think that all had gone according to plan. A State title win and a semifinal appearance in the Regionalla Competition had been far more than any Nautico fan could have hoped for.

The Englishman, who at first was seen as a risky appointment had taken it all in his stride and seemingly after years of doom and gloom, Nautico were finally on the rise.

It is at this point where we were approached by a member of the playing squad who’s revelations tell an entirely different story.

This exposes starts shortly after Nautico’s State Championship win and what our insider calls, the hardest six months of his life.

“I have never met a more intense individual, his moods would swing violently from one day to the next. One week I would be starting, scoring goals and playing well, then the next, I’m on the bench for the reserves in some meaningless game in front of 30 people.”

When pushed on Johnson’s selection technique, we were told that he wouldn’t bet against some kind of ‘bingo’ machine being used as it rarely made sense.

The league campaign, contrite to this story went very well. Nautico carried on from both campaigns and took the Serie C in their stride winning the first six games of the competition.

It was however at this point that our informant tells us of the huge breakdown in communication between several senior players and the manager.

“Rafa (Rafael Assis) and more importantly Jorge (Jorge Roa Jimenez) were forced out of the club. Jorge was the best footballer in this group and the manager shut him out, he had him playing for the reserves one time after only a 48-hour break. You should speak to the players they will tell you, he is gambling on young players when right in front of him he has proven footballers.”

Results continued to be positive even as morale dropped. Johnson brought in more new faces in a bid to cut out what we are told he called ‘a rotten core’ in the dressing room.

Guilherme Pato, Gaston De Pedro and Manoel (Who would leave after just six months) all arrived to help bolster the managers presence in the dressing room.

“Some of the new lads are decent but they were wet. There is no way this project ends well for him or the club.”

As the season drew to a close Nautico secured a place in the promotion finals and albeit not an easy run managed to secure the title and promotion beating ABC over two legs 2–1.

“Yes they won these games, but look at the reaction of the players. Three maybe four of the lads that played in the final are close to walking out of the door. His staff is there because they need their wages, but eleven of them will leave this next week when their contracts expire”

“Thiaguinho, who the manager pinned his hat on earlier in the season is negotiating right now behind the clubs back to leave for the MLS. Success on the pitch shouldn’t leave you feeling like this”

Football, after all is said and done is a results-driven business. On the pitch, ‘Timbu’ have reclaimed the State title for the first time in just 20 years, faired above expectation in the Regionalla and lifted the Serie C title to win promotion into Brazilians second tier of professional football.

How can things be so wrong off the pitch if the team is punching above their weight on it?

“Simply put, we are better than the current level we are playing at. He has walked into another man’s setup, used another man’s backroom staff, utilised the playing staff that was gifted to him and basically pressed ‘continue’ with very little changes”.

“The training schedule very rarely changes, the coaching department does the fitness regimes and we see the manager maybe on a Monday morning and then always on a Friday.”

We approached Johnson in a bid to tell us his side of the story but as he has shown on so many occasions this season his door is firmly shut to the Brazilian Free Press Association.

His only reply was “Look at the league table.”

Since finishing this article, we have found out that eleven of the backroom staff have indeed left the club along with four senior players. It is unknown if these players left for the reasons above or if it is purely a coincidence. The club has announced that ‘Fans Player of the Season’ award winner Thiaguinho will join New England Revolution in February, just 12 months since joining Nautico.

‘Timbu’’ will begin their defence of the State Championship in two weeks time with the manager claiming this season his fluid outlook on squad rotation will once again prove to be successful. He cites the impressive strike duo of Julio and Lucas, with over 20 goals last term and both just 17 years of age as to what the club should be excited about and building upon for the future.

Despite all of the fanfare, If our source is to be believed and Johnson continues down this path, then he may not be around to witness the fruits of his own labour for very much longer.

‘Brazilian Football Press Association’ — Simi Jitsh

— — — — — — — -

I actually quite enjoyed writing it and may carry this on into next season by doing the updates through someone else’s point of view. Maybe the Director of Football, Chairman or again a Journalist.

Thanks for reading. Oh and If you have any member of your family who loves a football film maybe buy him/her/Gender Neutral 👀 this for Xmas:



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