The Art of Defensive Football

The idea about this article is not to act as a guide as such but rather show you how I think and how I view football on Football Manager. This isn’t a post that will follow any rules that you might have read elsewhere, nor will it be a post that says ‘you must play this way’. It will just document my thinking behind the reasoning for the system I use and hopefully show you why it works. There are many different ways to achieve what I’m about to write below, this is just my way for this particular formation of choice. Continue reading The Art of Defensive Football

The Art of Possession Football

Possession football seems a desired play style amongst the Football Manager faithful, yet it seems to cause a lot of confusion especially on a higher mentality structure like control or attacking. While possession tactics on Football Manager are simple to create, they’re not if you use a higher mentality due to higher the mentality, higher the risk and faster play will be. When thinking about possession on Football Manager you immediately think lower mentalities are better suited because they are more cautious. While this is true to some extent but it’s not the only way of having lots of possession. So for this article I will be using a control or attacking mentality to highlight how to have success this way. All the current tactics and articles we see always focus on the lower mentalities because it’s easier to achieve but that’s not what the user is always looking for. Continue reading The Art of Possession Football


In keeping with the recent theme of finishing past projects off, this is another one of those articles that should hopefully complete The Art of The Brazilian 4-2-2-2 Box Formation. This article should tie up a few loose ends left over from the previous three articles about this tactic. If you can’t be bothered to read the previous articles then the short story is this; Continue reading THE ART OF THE BRAZILIAN BOX – Final Chapter

The Art of The Brazilian Box Part Three

This is the final match analysis of the initial first three competitive games I’ve currently played. After I’ve looked at this game then I’ll start to think about what changes I need to make for the next game I play. I’ll likely write about the actual changes and what impact they have had in a separate article when I get the time. Continue reading The Art of The Brazilian Box Part Three

The Art of The Brazilian Box Part Two

In the first lot of analysis I did, it seemed focus on the two defensive midfielders and the two box to box players. They didn’t seem to link together or do what I wanted during the defensive phases of play. Going forward it looked good though but the midfield was a concern. So I’ll be having a brief look to see if I can spot the same issues as the previous game. But I’ll be mainly looking at identifying different issues rather than focusing on stuff that I already know from the first game. So let's jump straight in. Continue reading The Art of The Brazilian Box Part Two

Art of The Brazilian Box 4-2-2-2

Creating a tactic is one of the simplest things you can do on Football Manager, it takes seconds to do it. However creating one that works and is successfully consistent over a period of time is a lot trickier to achieve. Hopefully this article (although I might have to split these into a mini series depending on how long they become) will explain my process and reasonings behind the decisions I make. I’m not saying this is the best or the only way of doing things, as usual, this is just my methods and what works best for me. Continue reading Art of The Brazilian Box 4-2-2-2

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