The Walls of Jericho

Breaking sides down has to be one of the biggest downfalls people suffer with on Football Manager. On the forums, blogs and Twitter, I see this mentioned a lot. I see posts that mention one week they beat top of the league then the week after get hammered against the club bottom of the league. People can’t seem to get their head around why it happens, so hopefully this will explain in detail why it can happen. I’ll not be focusing on one game in particular but instead I’ll be focusing on several to highlight the common issues you are likely to come up against when facing these types of teams. Then I’ll be focusing on how I try to combat this and give you some ideas that you might be able to try in your own save. Remember everything you see below is with me using the 4-4-2 that I discussed earlier in the series. Continue reading The Walls of Jericho

Identifying Tactical Issues

I get asked an awful lot on how I identify issues while watching games and how I fix them. Firstly identifying the issues is of the most importance because if you haven’t or can’t identify issues then you’ll never have an idea of how it might be possible to fix them. People often say I don’t know how to identify issues because of their lack of understanding of the game but in all honesty you don’t need an understanding really. You just need to watch a game it really is that simple. Hopefully what follows below will show you how simple it can be and doesn’t need to be as daunting as people think it is. Continue reading Identifying Tactical Issues

Stick or Twist?!

Context in Football Manager is everything and sometimes we don’t realise this, for example, you could go two goals up and think you are playing well. Or you could go two nil down and think you are playing poor but like everything else, it isn’t that black and white. It is quite possible to be losing by playing well and winning while playing poor. There can be hundreds of reasons to why the scoreline is what it is, so we need to understand how we are playing in order to know what changes we need to make and why. How well do you understand exactly what’s happening in your own games? Continue reading Stick or Twist?!

What Makes A Goalscorer?

Scoring goals is easy to achieve in Football Manager, getting regular scorers can be more problematic though. I’ve seen threads and blog posts about not being able to get players to score high amounts of goals before and a lot of them focus on the striker roles. They seem to think if a striker doesn’t score then their role, duty or settings are the issues, when in reality that’s probably the last cause. It’s more than likely due to the type or amount of support they are receiving.  So hopefully this article will focus on how to give the strikers the best possible chance of scoring that you can. It doesn’t matter what side, what division or what nation you are managing in, this applies to all sides. Continue reading What Makes A Goalscorer?

The Art of Attacking Football – The Final Chapter

In this part of the series I’ll be focusing on the analysis side of things and fixing the big issues my formation has as well as making slight tweaks to be competitive and to give me consistency. Continue reading The Art of Attacking Football – The Final Chapter

The Art of Attacking Football – Part Four

I was going to use the 3-4-3 that I had posted about and change the roles on it, to highlight what happens if I change the roles of the front three. However someone replied to one of my articles with a system that I think will highlight everything wrong with badly balanced created attacking tactics. So I’ve decided I will use this as the base to show why it’s wrong and give little hints on how to make it better. Continue reading The Art of Attacking Football – Part Four