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Tea and Busquets is all about showing you interesting quality Football Manager content from people around the community. Today is no different as we showcase a new member to the community. Some of you might have seen his work on Twitter these past few days @FmCatenaccio

Hey guys, I’m FMCatenaccio. I’m here to tell you a little bit about myself and why I think you should come along and check out my content.

I’m 26 years old having spent a large part of my life either playing Championship Manager or Football Manager I believe over the years I have built up a good understanding of the game. Not only because I’ve been extremely addicted to the games for as long as I can remember but also because I generally take the game very serious and love to dig deep into the tactical side of things.

I started off playing CM back in 2002 when I accidentally came across my mate’s brother playing it and instantly falling in love, spending every moment I could just sitting next to him watching the text on the screen flashing up when one of his players scored or when he had to dive into the transfer market to buy and sell players! my god the memories are coming back, what moment in my life that was..Since then I haven’t missed a single game, but I missed a lot of College…

I grew up in Sweden where I lived for 8 years, in a small town where the winter hit us hard, cold and dark winters lasted forever which wasn’t really an issue for me as I had my addiction indoors at home.

Alongside Football Manager I’ve got a passion for the real game, played Semi-Pro football for 8 years along with playing county level football for 3 years, made my debut at the age of 14 in Division 4 before moving back to the UK where I studied Sport Exercise Science at college. Due to numerous injures to my back and knees I decided to give up the football dream and focus more on the coaching side gaining my FA Level 1 & 2, I also done a lot of goalkeeper coaching (I was a GK when I played) throughout the years and coached a lot of different youth teams back in Sweden. Now I’m a real analyses geek, I love seeing lines and circles around players and watching their movement on and off the ball creating space.

I’ve attached a few photos of the kind of content I do;

Hope you liked what you saw and If you want to see more give me a follow-on Twitter...

What I hope to share with you on Twitter and on my website is how I believe the game should be played, I’m a huge believer in creating something you love watching, creating a tactics that works is one of the better feelings on the game, watching it unfold on the screen is brilliant and knowing its all because you studied it and was patient.

I’m not a big believer in downloading tactics and winning everything through someone else’s work, now that doesn’t mean I don’t think people shouldn’t download tactics because I do think you can take things from it and learn for your own game. I am a huge believer in asking questions and gaining as much knowledge as possible that’s why my Dm’s are always open to people who have any questions.

Where can you find me?

On twitter its @FMCatenaccio

My Website is

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