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Arsenal Invincibles – Part Four

People have been asking me how long this project will take until I’m happy with it and playing the type of football I’ve set out to achieve. The truth is I didn’t set any kind of time limit so it could vary. The idea behind this project was showing you how I build towards something and plan for the end goal. I’ve done articles in the past that show you how to create specific styles from the off but I wanted to highlight the other end, which is what this project is all about. I think a lot of people get frustrated when playing Football Manager because they demand instant success and that isn’t always a realistic option. So if you’re one of those wondering how long this will time, the truth is I simply don’t know. Continue reading Arsenal Invincibles – Part Four

Arsenal Invincibles – Part Three

The first three seasons were always going to be about getting results and possible back to back promotions and then establishing ourselves as a Premiership side. The early years are all about laying the foundations for what I’m trying to achieve and while it might not look like much, over time you’ll see how important this time actually is. Not from just a player perspective either but throughout the whole club, this includes identifying players, buying players, developing players, getting the right kind of staff and so on. At times it can look like we aren’t making progress and not much seems to have changed but it has, as you’ll see once we end up with the desired style I am creating. Continue reading Arsenal Invincibles – Part Three

Arsenal Invincibles – Part One

I get a lot of people asking me to update certain articles I've done in the past and for most parts, they actually don't need updating. However one of the more popular things I wrote about was the Arsenal Invincibles, but this isn't uploaded anywhere any longer until now. So I thought, how about I re-upload all the old stuff for you to digest and then add a new section to it, explaining how the new roles change how I approach the original set up I created. Continue reading Arsenal Invincibles – Part One