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FM19 Tactical Changes Explained

With the release of Football Manager 19 beta yesterday, many of you will have noticed that the tactical UI looks much cleaner. Things are presented in a way, they’re easy to understand and follow whether you are a new user or an experienced one. While we haven’t seen any massive changes to the tactical side of the game, we have seen a lot of subtle changes and a few new additions to the tactics module. All the Team Instructions and Player Roles have all had tweaks on this years version of the game, both visually and under the hood.  Due to these changes, it’s probably for the best that you don’t compare Football Manager 19 to previous version of the game, as it’s slightly different how everything works. Continue reading FM19 Tactical Changes Explained

Everton FC 1.0 – Introduction, Pre-Season, First Half-Season

Tea and Busquets is a place where people can have their work hosted if they wish too, without the hassle of running a blog themselves. We welcome all guest authors no matter what they want to write about. This new piece is from another new guest author we'd like to welcome to the site  @edinh_96 Continue reading Everton FC 1.0 – Introduction, Pre-Season, First Half-Season

A Rough Diamond Part Two

For this second part of the 442 narrow diamond project, I’ll be focusing on the roles I’ll be using to start with. I’ve no idea if they’ll work when it comes around to playing an actual match, but regardless, we need some kind of starting point. I’m confident the roles would work though and will just need a little refining to polish things up. Continue reading A Rough Diamond Part Two