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Possible Paysandu Tactics

This year on Football Manager 2019, I want to try something new tactically rather than covering stuff I’ve done before and going over old ground. But I’ve been struggling to decide which idea I should go with, due to having so many of them and my brain going into overdrive. So I thought I’d do a post explaining the options I could take and then allow you to help me make the final decision. Continue reading Possible Paysandu Tactics

20+ Brazilian Cup Defeats – Let’s Do It All Again

On Football Manager 2013 I had the best save I ever had with Paysandu in the Brazilian Leagues. It was also one of the most frustrating because I failed miserably to win one specific competition, the Brazilian Cup. I know people think I’m always successful and that the game is easy but I still suffer the same bad luck as other users and have bogey teams and competitions I can’t beat and win at times. The Brazilian Cup was just that for me, I made the final 20+ times and lost every single go. It still hurts to this day. When Football Manager 2014 came out, the first thing I did was select a Brazilian team and win it at the first attempt just to prove I could. Continue reading 20+ Brazilian Cup Defeats – Let’s Do It All Again