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The W-M Formation – Match Analysis

In the last part of the Paysandu series I wrote, I spoke about the W-M formation and explained how I was going to use that. This post is a follow-up to that but this time, we focus on the stuff that happens during a match. I’ll highlight the pros and cons of what I see and explain about possible fixes, if it’s something that is happening constant. Continue reading The W-M Formation – Match Analysis

Taste The Feeling – 10 Years On

This piece is written by @From_The_Wing (Stuart Reid) who is a set piece analyst and a football coach. He's done some incredible writing over the years about real life football and Football Manager. It's a pleasure for me to be able to host this latest piece. If you're unfamiliar with Stuart's works, you can check out all his football writing here https://wakelet.com/@from_the_wing Continue reading Taste The Feeling – 10 Years On

Inspiring Concepts #1 – Celtic’s Strikerless 1-2-to-2-1

This is a piece written by okereke over on the SI forums, he's also on twitter under the handle @chapulana. So if you like this article be sure to follow him, or if you have any questions he will be more than happy to answer them. Continue reading Inspiring Concepts #1 – Celtic’s Strikerless 1-2-to-2-1

A Rough Diamond Part Two

For this second part of the 442 narrow diamond project, I’ll be focusing on the roles I’ll be using to start with. I’ve no idea if they’ll work when it comes around to playing an actual match, but regardless, we need some kind of starting point. I’m confident the roles would work though and will just need a little refining to polish things up. Continue reading A Rough Diamond Part Two

A Rough Diamond

The 4-4-2 narrow diamond is one of my favourite formations ever. That's why for this new project this is the shape I will be focusing on.

One of the biggest issues I’ve seen that a lot of users struggle with on Football Manager, is the relationship between the roles and duties they’ve selected. Some of the examples I’ve seen over the past few months don’t really take into account what the role does, how it links with the rest of the tactic and how it plays out in a game. In this article I hope to explore this side of the game more as I create a new tactic from scratch and explain why I pick which roles and showcase how they all function together as a unit. Continue reading A Rough Diamond