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The W-M Formation – Match Analysis

In the last part of the Paysandu series I wrote, I spoke about the W-M formation and explained how I was going to use that. This post is a follow-up to that but this time, we focus on the stuff that happens during a match. I’ll highlight the pros and cons of what I see and explain about possible fixes, if it’s something that is happening constant. Continue reading The W-M Formation – Match Analysis

Nautico — Learning on the Job!

Guest author Chris Johnson is back with his latest post. Chris can be found on Twitter here @randomfilming. You can also check out more about the film that Chris has just finished, by following this link http://www.daydream-believers.co.uk/ Continue reading Nautico — Learning on the Job!

The W-M Formation Revisited FM19

The W-M formation was created in the mid-1920s by Herbert Chapman of Arsenal to counter a change in the offside law in 1925. The change had reduced the number of opposition players that attackers needed between themselves and the goal-line from three to two. This led to the introduction of a centre-back to stop the opposing centre-forward, and tried to balance defensive and offensive playing. Continue reading The W-M Formation Revisited FM19

Defensive Shape – The Best Feature In FM19

I'm delighted to announce that  Bust The Net (Rashidi/Daljit) has decided to join Tea & Busquets full-time for all his written content. Daljit needs no introduction and does top quality content. If you've somehow not heard of him, then check out his YouTube channel and Twitch streams. Continue reading Defensive Shape – The Best Feature In FM19

Possible Paysandu Tactics

This year on Football Manager 2019, I want to try something new tactically rather than covering stuff I’ve done before and going over old ground. But I’ve been struggling to decide which idea I should go with, due to having so many of them and my brain going into overdrive. So I thought I’d do a post explaining the options I could take and then allow you to help me make the final decision. Continue reading Possible Paysandu Tactics