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FM Old Timers Podcast

For quite sometime now I’ve wanted to branch out into other areas of the Football Manager world. One of these new areas is podcasts. Well I say new, myself and Dave (Caleyjag) actually hosted the first ever FM podcast back in 2002/03 called the Caley and Cleon Show. This was before podcast were the cool thing to do though. Continue reading FM Old Timers Podcast

From the O’s to Who Knows?

Hi all, I’m @MUFCPiece  on twitter and I am going to attempt to do something pretty new in terms of how I play Football Manager. I am going to share my save through writing a blog for the very first time! I have been playing Football Manager since 2012 and it has always been something that I was tempted by, so for this year, my goal is to become better at writing. As I’m new to this, if you have any feedback on how I can write better or give any information in a better way, please feel free to tweet me. Continue reading From the O’s to Who Knows?

How Football Manager Saved My Life

If you’ve ever visited the Football Manager General section on then you’ll see that the moderators, SI employees and the forum regulars get a lot of stick and often get abuse thrown at them. No matter what state you believe the game to be in, no-one deserves death threats, mocking serious illness or just general abuse when trying to do their job. But on the SI forums this can be an issue at times and you’d not believe some of the stories I have heard over the years at what lengths some people will go to try to bring misery to someone. Continue reading How Football Manager Saved My Life

The 4-4-2 Chronicles

It’s one of the oldest football formations around and has seen a resurgence of some kind in the past few years with teams like Leicester and Atletico Madrid having success using it. I’m of course talking about the 4-4-2 formation. Growing up as an English football fan the formation for me symbolises safety and familiarity. I’m not saying it’s the most successful tactic, although it’s had some incredible moments over the decades and many teams have seen great success using some kind of 4-4-2. But when things were going wrong and teams needed to strip back to basics, this always seemed to be the go to formation. I think Mike Bassett summed it up perfectly here; Continue reading The 4-4-2 Chronicles

The First 15 Minutes – Football Manager

I’ve been asked a lot of questions recently about how I set up for games and prepare for the opposition that I am facing. So I thought I’d write a bit about how I set up and how I decide what to do. Those of you who have followed my articles might remember a similar topic from years ago but sadly, the screenshots for that no longer exist, so I have decided to revisit it in this article. Continue reading The First 15 Minutes – Football Manager

Stick or Twist?!

Context in Football Manager is everything and sometimes we don’t realise this, for example, you could go two goals up and think you are playing well. Or you could go two nil down and think you are playing poor but like everything else, it isn’t that black and white. It is quite possible to be losing by playing well and winning while playing poor. There can be hundreds of reasons to why the scoreline is what it is, so we need to understand how we are playing in order to know what changes we need to make and why. How well do you understand exactly what’s happening in your own games? Continue reading Stick or Twist?!