Consectatio Excellentiae – Introduction

Unforced errors, Nobody is too big to go down, shambles of a club, The Club is a shambles, rotten core, mismanaged from top to bottom.

same sh*t different season
All of the above have been used to describe my home town club, the club I grew up with playing attacking fast good football in its new swanky 42k stadium, full houses in the premiership, beating the likes of Chelsea 4-1 but then a lack of investment it all fell apart. a yo-yo club for a few years breaking our own lowest points totals.
Then the legendary Quinn returned as our saviour this resulted in a huge lift, a new manager the fans could get behind in Roy Keane, new signings of a decent quality a visible investment in the playing squad that we as Sunderland fans had never seen. Then the credit crunch our current investors made their money in the construction industry which tanked. new investment was needed and in came a billionaire american owner.
Fans thought it would mean the return to solid top half finishes (oh how wrong we were), Short then threw bad money after bad appointed people to the board with no footballing experience (Quinn was pushed out). Short as sole owner of the club then put us on the merry-go-round of start badly sack the manager, new manager bounce would get the team playing well towards the end of the season, keep us up, spend a fortune on average players then repeat. In this process we went through this stupidly long list of managers (Remember this is in the last TEN years):


Keane one of only 3 SAFC bosses in past 22 years to have higher than 36% win percentage
Manager Days in Job Win %
Roy Keane 827 Days 42%
Ricky Sbragia 171 Days 23%
Steve Bruce 900 Days 29%
Martin O’Neill 483 Days 35%
Paolo Di Canio 175 Days 23%
Gus Poyet 524 Days 30%
Dick Advocaat 201 Days 21%
Sam Allardyce 287 Days 29%
David Moyes 303 Days 18%

so in the last ten years the average amount of time in charge at the club would be a little over a year but that is skewed by Keane and Bruce being in charge for so long, So if i can last a season at the club ill be happy also a 30% win record seems to be average for our managers

I’ve set myself a list of targets to achieve which will be at the bottom of ever blog post possibly crossed out when i achieve them these cover everything from sorting the team and staff out, improving financial side improving the league position and ultimately returning the club to the premier league and beyond as i attempt to achieve the clubs very own Motto
 Consectatio Excellentiae, 
which means “In pursuit of excellence”
So This is the list of aims:
  • Replace backroom staff (improve when financially viable)
  • SELL JACK RODWELL or release or hell just throw him in the wear 
  • Get rid of the so-called “Rotten core” (kone, Catts, O’shea etc.)
  • Replace players with young promising players 
  • Improve scouting network
  • Provide path from U23’s to first team 
  • Have minimum of 4 players in the first team squad who have come Through the academy (ideally from the area)
  • Build a tactical identity (3 at the back fast attacking football)
  • Get rid of the debt (Currently stands at £100m plus this will be Updated ever year)
  • Get promoted to the premier league
  • Survive in the premier league
  • Qualify for Europe through the league
  • Win a cup
  • Sustained success
  • Expand the Stadium of light
  • New stadium?
Using something similar to FMGrasshoppers Fibra I’ve a list of stats I require from my players including Teamwork, Work Rate, Determination with strength and speed thrown in for the right positions provided all my players have the Teamwork, Work Rate, Determination it should cover the squad to play for the shirt that the fans always want so much. 
I’ll be doing a season end review mainly, with more updates via twitter on @FMAcidphire21 ill also have a few other things thrown in for good measure and thanks to Cleon for letting me post all my stuff here.

7 thoughts on “Consectatio Excellentiae – Introduction”

  1. I agree with everything but Cattermole, he is the only one I think who wears that shirt with pride!
    Rodwell isn’t fit to be a waterboy let alone a player.

    1. i disagree on catts a few year back and i would have agreed but these days his mistakes have cost us alot of goals i want a “Bally esque” player and catts is closest i suppose but he has maybe one half decent game in five

      1. I suppose since Advocaatt and the injury he hasn’t been the same player but beforehand you could really notice his absence in the midfield when he wasn’t played.
        I am a saints fan any how but my friend and his dad support them so you have probably seen them play more than me.
        I was at the Game against Everton two years ago when you sent down Newcastle has to be the best atmosphere I have ever seen at a stadium it was brilliant

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