Consectatio Excellentiae – The Squad

I know the games release is tomorrow so this might be early as I haven’t started the save yet and I’ve only been looking and testing tactics on the beta as there’s a few things I want to do so I figured now is a good a time as any to show my squad based on the beta. There won’t be much of a change up of stats I wouldn’t have thought so I feel confident this will actually be it.

This is a quick overview as I plan to use a variant of the 5-3-2 that I’ve been using pretty consistently since FM14ish and I will be using the squad based on this system of my 25 man squad I want at least two players in each position + a 3rd goalie, a 5th striker ideally a wing back who can cover both sides.



As in real life the number one spot will be up for grabs we brought in both Ruiter & Steele to compete completely ignoring Mika but also sending young Stryjek out on loan, I will happily be content with Ruiter as number one but number two is up for grabs between Steele and Mika, as all three are quite similar we might even see Mika get some games unlike in real life.

Right Wing Back

So onto the full backs and there is a fair amount of retraining going to be required throughout the team, more so in centre midfield but Donald Love is a DRC I’ll be looking to retrain him to be back up at right wing back. Primarily only as cover on the backline, as I’ll be planning to use Matthews as first choice, will also have Billy Jones (ugh) and Galloway available for season one so with that in mind I’m pretty well stocked. I’ll look for a new wing back possibly train one of the younger lads to player there in the future.

Left Wing Back

Unlike the right flank where we are well stocked, we’re far from it on the left  we have Oviedo as stand out left wing back and will be first choice, Matthews can play either so could fill in with injuries but after that its quite bare maybe look at the U23s for cover for season one or even going forward.

Centre Back

As we play three across the back ill obviously require a lot of depth here. And we have it but they aren’t the greatest, I’ll start by building the defence around Kone he doesn’t want to play here and will be sold once a replacement is found. There’s also on loan defender browning to go alongside him, Brotherton will be promoted as the new Zealand international could provide cover or even do a job, that leaves Wilson and O’Shea, well O’Shea will be leaving after the first year so is only an emergency backup and Wilson will play more ahead of Browning as I’d rather play my own players than loanee’s if they are similar quality


Defensive Midfield

Sitting in front of the defence will be my anchor man a lot of play will obviously go through them so I’d like them comfortable on the ball we have a few players who can play in this position the problem is they aren’t very good. As Rodwell & Gibson are both not in my plans and will be peddled as soon as I can. That leaves us with Cattermole who will have to fight for this spot alongside promising dm Embleton the local lad Elliott could have a big future at the club and I’ll be looking to start a few of the younger lads.


Centre Midfield

In front of my anchor man will be a pair of centre midfielders one will be expected to be the main attacking outlet the other will be more a sitting cm and this is where I feel I could get the best from Ndong’s athleticism his endless running should provide the support going forward and also helping out defensively that we will need. Back up to him will be loanee Williams and also George Honeyman who despite being seen more as a winger or AMC I’ll be looking to use him in the middle of the park. Alongside him will be an attacking CM probably a Mezzela and this will take a lot of retraining for this position as I’ll be looking for McGeady to take the role who will need to retrain to move inside also vying for this spot will be McManaman who could also play striker if needed and Lyndon Gooch the American international who will need retraining too.


As you can see there is no place for Rodwell or Gibson and both are being peddled ASAP hopefully get rid in January



Striker wise will be a bit tougher as in real life we are a bit short in this department despite signing Vaughan and Grabban we are still short in this department I’ll be looking to promote Maja or Asoro probably Asoro’s pace as he could be back up to Watmore who will get plenty of first team football once he returns to fitness


So as you can see the squad is massively unbalanced we have a lot of some positions not many of others this is one of my tasks in sorting this shit show out and as im starting this save with first transfer window disabled it just makes it a bit more fun as i have to make do with what i have.

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