An Egyptian in Argentina: A Story of Fate and Luck #7

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We were at a nightclub of some sorts and the place was very dark. The music was throbbing and people were dancing everywhere, I think we were sitting at one of those posh VIP tables and I recognized Losa and there were 2 other guys I didn’t know. They were sharing a champagne bottle, drinking from the bottle. I wondered if I had paid for that?

What Losa was doing was even more peculiar as I saw him extracting a very small bag full of white material from his jacket. Was he actually taking drugs? was he aware that he was a professional footballer. I watched with awe as he put the contents on the table and neatly arranged them in a line.

“Want some boss?” He said

“You do realise I am your manager right, I need you fit” 

He just laughed and proceeded to take all of the cocaine in one massive sniff. His friends looked like they were drugged too, how crazy was this man? No wonder he had never played at the top level.

I excused myself and got no reply so I just walked off, I was very tired so I just walked aimlessly until I found myself on the dance floor. “Something” by The Beatles was playing and it looked like it was a couples dance of some sort. Everyone had a partner and was waltzing away to the dulcet tones of The Beatles. I felt a bit depressed!

That was until I saw her, yes her. The most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my useless life. Her hair was wavy and beautiful blonde in colour and the complexion of her face was smooth and riveting. Her eyes were hazel and I just got lost in them. What a body she had too, it was impossible to keep my eyes of her. She was wearing a sequined blue dress which was very tight and very short, showing off all of her assets. I wondered how she was sitting alone.

Then her eyes met mine, it was truly love at first sight.

I tried to go over to where she was sitting but she suddenly got up and started walking to the exit, I couldn’t let this get away from me so I paced my way quickly towards the exit trying to catch her before she left but to no avail.

I was almost heartbroken, did she leave because she was creeped out from me or was it simply a coincidence?

I trudged off sadly feeling a mixture of emotions as I hailed a cab, I needed some rest and I almost dozed off in the taxi.

Ferro vs Brown Adrogue:

Brown Adrogue were one of those mid table sides who didn’t particularly seem threatening, so I was confident in a win this game. After studying some of their games the night before I discovered a gaping weakness, their left centre back Carro Torres was an absolute liability. He had already committed 3 mistakes leading to goals so far this season, therefore I asked the players to pass it to Forlan more and exploit the right flank where he was situated.

The lads looked well up for it in the dressing room before the game and it looked like the team were finally bonding together, the team spirit was there and I was immensely happy with that.

“Just go out there and play your normal game and i’m confident we can smash those shit bastards” trying to rile them up

I shook hands with the opposition manager who looked more like a builder than a manager and his suit was 2 sizes too small for him. Well this was going to be easy.

Brown Adrogue were having the lion’s share of possession at the start of the game but I wasn’t worried as we were looking very dangerous on the  counter attack.  Forlan was absolutely bullying Torres to and his link up play with Vernetti was beautiful so far. Then after a controlled attack from Brown Mena nicked the ball and passed it to Lucio, who played a long ball towards Lujan, he then chipped a pass towards Forlan who was left completely unmarked and he smashed it into the net on the half volley. I couldn’t believe how good he was, he was honestly levels above everyone else despite being 38.

The rest of the game was pretty dull as we employed out Catenaccio style to close out Brown who looked toothless except for a few longshots which Losa gobbled up easily. Then they got a corner and Mesa scored with a bullet header, our woes from corners were biting us in the ass again. We tried desperately and failed to nick another goal but the game ended in a draw and stopped our unbeaten run. I shaked hands with their clown of a manger feeling embarrassed that I underestimated them.

“Today should be a lesson for all of you, me included! Never underestimate anyone in this league, we don’t want to drop silly points again so I want you to be focused and playing to your maximum potential in every single fucking game”

The bus home was very quiet as everyone had something to think about and I was pleased with the players professionalism.

That got me thinking, yes partying was very fun and yes I was young but was that hindering my ability as a manager. Maybe I should study the opposition more instead of getting drunk. I made a vow for myself, I would become a better manager from now on.

The next day I was going through the tapes of Deportivo Morn and to be honest I was a bit scared. They were very good despite them being newly promoted, very possession oriented and they always tried to play beautiful football. I was caught in two minds while considering the tactic for the game, I thought we would get overloaded in midfield because they played with a 4 1 2 1 2 narrow formation. The tactic was working though so why would I change it, plus the players had already gotten used to it.

Dep.Moron vs Ferro:

The players looked buzzing for the game on our way to the bus and there was a lot of camaraderie involved. Once again, I was loving the spirit. The lads also looked focused too and one or two were even suffering with nerves. This was going to be a big game, I could feel it.

“Lads we have got off to a cracker in the league and I’m very happy, some of you have been less than convincing though so this is a chance to prove yourself at the biggest stage”

Maybe I was exaggerating a bit because the Estadio Nuevo Francisco wasn’t exactly the biggest stage but I had got the players fired up and that was all that mattered.

The Moron fans were bouncing and there was a sea of white in the stadium. This was my best experience of pressure as a manager so far and I was coping well till now.

The game started and it was apparent to me that I had made the wrong decision. We were getting smashed all over the park and the midfield half space was overloaded. The goal inevitably came after a beautiful passage of team play from Moron which Brito finished off with ease. I was panicking and I asked the players to stretch the pitch and ply wider, maybe that would help avert the danger from the central areas. That failed too as they continued their domination and they scored another one on the 17th minute work. We were getting fucked!

Quick action was needed. I quickly readied Sergio Sanchez and Moreira Aldana, a change of formation was needed. It was the 30th minute and I took of Vernetti and Lujan for the aforementioned two. I changed the formation to a 4 3 3 narrow and asked the players to go and attack and with a higher defensive line. It was a throw of the dice and hopefully it worked out.

We immediately looked more assured, Moron’s manager was struggling to deal with the change and the 3 strikers were starting to bully their defenders. Moron still had more possession but we looked very dangerous with every single attack on the break. Maybe I was the new Pep Guardiola.

Forlan eventually got his goal a minute before the halftime whistle, something that was almost a certain now. A beautiful half volley (again) from an astute angle which was unstoppable.

The atmosphere in the dressing room at halftime was brilliant. That Forlan goal had saved our morale from dropping and the players were fired up again. I had a good feeling about this.

“Just keep doing what you will doing and the win will eventually come”

The players were out first on the pitch and they looked like stray dogs who hadn’t eaten in 2 years. They fucking wanted this game. We had a few dangerous attacks but we couldn’t find a breakthrough, the players were starting to get nervous again. Then moron had a dangerous attack which was blocked valiantly by Lucio and Menaa picked up the ball who played it long towards Dang, he flicked it on towards Forlan who nonchalantly flicked over the keeper and we fucking scored. The euphoria I was feeling was unparalleled, I had never felt something like this ever before. I loved being a football manager!


We still had 30 minutes to go and the Moron heads had dropped. We could do this. We got a corner and Mazur strutted over to take it. He whipped a ball in and Moreira Aldana rose like a salmon and he banged it into the back of the net.

“YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS” I screamed as I slided on my knees towards my assistants, the Moron manager looked disgusted with his team, and with me.

We held on nicely till the final whistle and we won this game, what a fucking win. This undoubtedly was my favourite game as a manager and it showed me that I had a speck of tactical nous.

I went into the dressing room to congratulate the players and I was absolutely buzzing. We were building something special here.

The old me would’ve gone out and celebrated but the new me sat at home and read Jonathan Wilson’s Angels with dirty faces and then watched the Racing game. Yes I was a Racing supporter so I was dreading when we eventually played them.

Juventad Unida vs Ferro:

Nothing special happened in the build up to this game so we arrived at their unremarkable stadium hoping and longing for a win. The only moderately eventful thing that was happening was that Dario Valenzuela our shining youth prospect was getting his first start.

I handed over the team talk to the assistant, in return I was going to do the press conference today, something which I had avoided so far. The

The game kicked off and we looked good although without a lot of goal threat. Unida also looked very poor and it was a game lacking quality so far. Then a hopeful punt resulted in Mazur skewing the clearance and gifting them a corner which Calzera scored. Once again our woes from corners confounded. We struggled and ended the half without a single shot on target. This was by far and away our worst performance of the season and I was almost at the point of tearing my hair out.

“Get a fucking grip lads you have been playing like donkeys, Diego you are going off. Your performance has just not been up to standard.

The second half started with more of the same and Colzera put the final nail in our coffin after a beautiful passing move where we made Juventud look like Barcelona. Garcia nicked a consolation goal after a scrap in the penalty box but I wasn’t even watching at that point.

I didn’t even go into the dressing room as I had to go in and meet the press, maybe I had picked the wrong game. There were a grand total of 3 journalists there, a woman who had very thick glasses on with greasy hair and a fat belly. She looked like an octopus. Mark Duffy from Goal who was definitely a virgin the ginger cunt and a quiet short Argentinean guy at the back who looked respectful.

“So it’s your first loss of the season how does it feel to be on the losing side for the first time of your managerial career?”

“Well you lose some and you win some, I will take this as a learning experience and it will hopefully improve me as a manager”

“Is it true that you were out partying till 6am yesterday?”

I just fucking left the room, where the fuck was he getting his information from. Whoever called the press vultures was correct. At least the octopus didn’t get to ask a question!

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