An Egyptian in Argentina: A Story of Fate and Luck #9

The ninth part of the series from guest author @SegundoVolante1 Be sure to give him a follow if you enjoy his story.

Me Vincent, Nestor and Pablo were going over to the youth facilities, if you could even call them that. Ha! They were just two muddy fields conjoined with a little touchline space between them, the kids would do well not to get injured let alone showcase their talent.

When we got there, Jorge Cordon our Head of youth development was waiting for us, a tall gangly man with a head of bushy hair and an awkward walk he looked out-of-place amongst the well-built young footballers.

We sat down as he told us which players to watch and who we thought we should sign, they had already been training with him for about 2 weeks so he knew a lot about them. We would give the final judgement though so I told him to get them out and start a game.

Immediately the right back caught my eye, by looking at the papers on my leg I found out that his name was Facundo Mendoza. He was a solid player and he wasn’t giving the left winger a sniff. I pointed him out too Vincent and Nestor and we decided he would get a contract. We didn’t even care what he did for the rest of the game. He was that good! The keeper was also pulling off some amazing saves. He looked assured and confident in-goal, his name was Leandro Valdes.

These were the two that really caught my eye. I really didn’t think there was anything left that was very special so I asked the coaches to pick who they wanted. I had first team work to do.

Apparently, they signed 3 more players other than the two I had pointed out. I was happy with that. The chairman had asked me to keep the numbers down because of the finances. I had gotten used to working at a small club.

Enrique Cabrera, a quick striker who had scored a hat trick but had a lot to learn in the technical department.

Juan Martin Paolorosso, an absolute beast of a centre back who was 6ft3 and only 16. He needed a lot of work but he had potential. He also needed a tutor because his mentals were shocking and Jorge warned me of his bad attitude. Lucio should be able to sort him out.

Finally Damian Delfino. Right winger who was nothing special but he was a hard worker and had been decent at everything without being special in anything.

I couldn’t say I was overjoyed by the results of the youth intake but I really wasn’t expecting much better. Why would good 15 and 16 year olds want to play for Ferro. Our facilities would help them in regressing not progressing. It didn’t matter now though, we were still in the Nacional B.

It was time to focus on the real pressing matters though, the first team. We had a game against Estudiantes San Luis, we had just beat Mitre emphatically and I wanted to carry on the good work. I felt in the mood for something different from Coffee so I went over to a hipster place I had glanced before when driving. Juan’s Flavoured Teas and ordered a Peach Tea infused with green Apple granules. I told you I was in the mood for something different. I got my exotic Tea and sat down. I was just about to open my scouting notebook but I felt the presence of someone next to me. It was her. Again!

The beautiful blonde I had met at the club was next to me. I was star struck by her beauty. She was wearing tight jeans and a T-shirt with some weird symbols on them. I think they were Chinese, or Japanese. Who the fuck cared. They showed off her body perfectly.

“I couldn’t bear it anymore, I’ve seen you like 3 times before and I still don’t know who you are” She said in a smooth and subtle voice that hypnotised me

“Urrrm, believe me I’m not stalking. It’s just a pleasant coincidence. Very pleasant indeed” I was almost stuttering. I needed to get a grip or I would blow this. I didn’t want her thinking I was a freak.

“So what brings you here?” She asked

“I was just a bit tired of coffee so I wanted to try something different.”

“This is my favourite place. Thinking of it. I think I’ve seen you before on TV. You’re a football manager aren’t you? One of those unknown lower level clubs”

“That hurt a bit but I will let it slide hahah. I am indeed the Ferro Carril Oeste manager”

“I don’t know who they are. That’s probably because I hate football though”

“Really! Who hates football?”

“Players are treated like slaves and the game itself is misogynistic and racist. Anyways it was nice talking to you but I have to go to work.”

“Wait! Wait! How will I reach you again? I don’t even know your name!”

“Who said you would hahaha. Have a good day” She giggled and she was off.

What a disaster that had been. I was determined though. I wasn’t going to let her slip away. Hopefully luck took me to where she was again soon. Now it was time for Estudiantes though!

Ferro vs Estudiantes San Luis:

Estudiantes really were nothing special and I expected to beat them comfortably. They were one of these sides who were too good to go down but too bad to really challenge for promotion. Forlan was back fit and firing too so I was optimistic. The pitch looked lush and green and I felt buzzing. I think it gave the players a lift too because the atmosphere was absolutely brilliant in the dressing room. I didn’t feel the need to say anything special and I just told them to play their normal game and the result would come.

We came flying out of the blocks peppering their goal with shots and looking threatening with every single attack. The stadium had given us a massive lift! The inevitable happened and we got our first goal after a few fancy stepovers from Vernetti bamboozled the Estudiantes lump of a defender which resulted in him hacking Vernetti down into the box. Forlan cooly dispatched the penalty and we ran back to the half way line without even celebrating. The second goal came about 10 minutes later with Lujan scoring an absolute corker of a long shot after cutting in from the left. From that point onwards, I asked them to sit back and just hit on the break. The rest of the game was pretty dull because they didn’t have the quality to break down our defence and we rounded of a scintillating performance with a beautiful counter attack which Dang finished off after a  Forlan cross.

I congratulated the players after the game and told them how much I appreciated their effort today and briskly walked out to the press. There was something I needed to tell them.

“I’m not going to be taking any questions there is just something I had to say. I am the best manager in this division by a mile. Possibly even the best in the fucking country. Screw you Marcelo Gallardo you fat twat!”

I walked leaving the journalists in a state of shock. I had made a statement alright! Time for Santamarina.

Santamarina vs Ferro:

Extract from by Julian Gilabert:

Santamarina vs Ferro. Possibly the biggest game in the Nacional B so far this season. Ferro has been storming opponents left, right and centre so far but this is the first real test of their title credentials. The Buenos Aires have not really played anyone good so far and Santamarina have been the best side in the division all season in my opinion.

It also helps that Santamarina have the lovable, affable and down to earth Hector Aruzubialde in charge and Ferro have the cocky and larger than life Youssef Amin in charge. We all know who the villain is in this game.

A game of many storylines and a game that could potentially decide the course of the season watch Ferro vs Santamarina on ESPN this Sunday.

I would prove that cunt with a fancy French name right, after we were done with Santamarina Julian would feel the need to stick a Baguette up his arse.

“We cannot fucking lose this game lads. You have seen the papers, we have been painted as the bad guys. Well I want you to relish that role. Play dirty and rough, tackle hard and score in any way you can. We have to fucking win this!!!!”

That should have them pumped up. We walked out to the hostile crowd at the Muncipal stadium. The place was packed out. It was a small stadium and the fans were very close to the pitch, I could hear the abuse ringing in my ears.

The first half was very tense and both teams looked wowed by the occasion. There were barely any chances for both sides and it was a very edgy game. The 43rd minute, Forlan went over to take the corner. Items were being thrown at his head by the home fans and a coin even hit him square in the back of the head. He got angry and turned around to raise the middle finger to the fans and he floated a beautiful ball in. Dang rose like a salmon and powered the header into the back of the net. What a fucking goal! Half time came and I was too nervous to give a team talk so I delegated the duties to Nestor who I knew was a very good motivator.

What he said obviously worked because Forlan finished off a rapid counter attack and then proceeded to celebrate in front of the home fans. Hector the Santamarina manager who had been painted as an angel before the game was sent to the crowds for hassling the 4th official. Forlan then went and scored another goal, this time in our goal though. I guess he wanted to make it seem like it was a competition. Easy fucking peasy.

I walked into the press room immediately after the game and I just went and laughed in Gabriel’s face. Baguette munching cunt! That would teach the press not to mess with me.

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