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For quite sometime now I’ve wanted to branch out into other areas of the Football Manager world. One of these new areas is podcasts. Well I say new, myself and Dave (Caleyjag) actually hosted the first ever FM podcast back in 2002/03 called the Caley and Cleon Show. This was before podcast were the cool thing to do though.

But now I’m back with a brand new show with Daljit (Rashidi from the SI forums or BustTheNet on Twitter and YouTube) and we hope to bring you interesting topics each month. These podcasts will likely be on a monthly basis and around 25 to 30 minutes long. We hope to have each show based around a specific theme to keep them interesting. The shows will revolve around the tactical and training module side of the game.

The first show is out now and I’ll add the links to the bottom. We apologise for the colourful language that may be used at times but we have got a censored and uncensored version of the show for those who don’t like that kind of language.

In the first show we where just testing things out and seeing how we felt about recording and if it was something we wanted to do more frequent. It obviously is, so this first podcast is basically an introduction and outlining a few things of what to expect moving forward.

The shows should get better as we do them, especially from my end. The next time I will try to sort my proper microphone out rather than using a headset. I’m sure they’ll be a few teething issues in the early stages so please bear with us while we iron them out.

For the first episode and the uncensored version it can be found on Sound Cloud below.

For the censored version check out 

Hope you Enjoy 🙂

5 thoughts on “FM Old Timers Podcast”

  1. This was quite fun to listen to, will be tuning in if there’s more!

    BTW you sound a lot older than I imagined you Cleon.

      1. I just literally yelled “WHAT?!” I expected you to be around 37 (35-40ish) but you sound way older or were you just very tired?

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