Football Manager 2018 New Roles Explained

On this years Football Manager 2018, Sports Interactive have introduced some new exotic roles for us all to use. Some of these roles you might have heard the names mentioned before, especially if you’re into the tactical side of thing. The new roles are; Continue reading Football Manager 2018 New Roles Explained

Consectatio Excellentiae – Introduction

Unforced errors, Nobody is too big to go down, shambles of a club, The Club is a shambles, rotten core, mismanaged from top to bottom.

Continue reading Consectatio Excellentiae – Introduction

How Football Manager Saved My Life

If you’ve ever visited the Football Manager General section on then you’ll see that the moderators, SI employees and the forum regulars get a lot of stick and often get abuse thrown at them. No matter what state you believe the game to be in, no-one deserves death threats, mocking serious illness or just general abuse when trying to do their job. But on the SI forums this can be an issue at times and you’d not believe some of the stories I have heard over the years at what lengths some people will go to try to bring misery to someone. Continue reading How Football Manager Saved My Life

The 4-4-2 Chronicles

It’s one of the oldest football formations around and has seen a resurgence of some kind in the past few years with teams like Leicester and Atletico Madrid having success using it. I’m of course talking about the 4-4-2 formation. Growing up as an English football fan the formation for me symbolises safety and familiarity. I’m not saying it’s the most successful tactic, although it’s had some incredible moments over the decades and many teams have seen great success using some kind of 4-4-2. But when things were going wrong and teams needed to strip back to basics, this always seemed to be the go to formation. I think Mike Bassett summed it up perfectly here; Continue reading The 4-4-2 Chronicles

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