The Football’s Kingdom

Santos Futebol Clube has a rich history of developing the next generation of talent in world football. Names such as Pelé, Robinho, Diego, Ganso and Neymar are all names that came from the famous academy over the years and that tradition doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon. When Neymar was sold to Barcelona Santos had another young exciting prospect ready to step in and fill his boots in the name of Gabriel Barbosa or Gabigol as he is more commonly known as. But sadly for Santos fans he has now left the club but there are rumours circulating that he could be a Santos player again very soon. Thiago Maia is also another product of the Santos academy that has now left too. Continue reading The Football’s Kingdom

Consectatio Excellentiae – Meet The Gaffer Part 2

Down the corridors of the Academy of light the feel about the place is improved gone is the depression of last season the new manager has improved the clubs fortunes off the pitch and with new owners looking like they are ready to splash the cash financially the club look to be on a good footing. I walked into the manager’s office to find Andy sat headphones on playing the air drums id like to assume its to something like Phil Collins but its more likely to be slayer or anthrax. At least he’s not clad in jeans and a t-shirt this time as he sits in the clubs track suit after over seeing a training session led by his assistant Peter Reid.

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FM Old Timers Podcast

For quite sometime now I’ve wanted to branch out into other areas of the Football Manager world. One of these new areas is podcasts. Well I say new, myself and Dave (Caleyjag) actually hosted the first ever FM podcast back in 2002/03 called the Caley and Cleon Show. This was before podcast were the cool thing to do though. Continue reading FM Old Timers Podcast

Forged In Steel – Meet David Brooks

For those who have followed me for a while on social media, you’ll have seen me mention David Brooks pretty much constantly for the past two years or so. He’s a special talent and when you see him play you can see. Even in training, he looks head and shoulders above everyone else technically and always has done since he joined the club. That’s not meant as disrespect to the other players, by young David just has an aura about him and looks different gravy with how he uses the ball. He’s technically the best player I’ve ever seen at our academy and I think it comes across that he was developed at a higher level/standard before joining us. Continue reading Forged In Steel – Meet David Brooks

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