Showcase – AcidBurnTNA: Balls Deep In FM

This showcase is a little bit different to the others I’ve done so far as this one is definitely NSFW and contains adult content. Acidburn’s story is unique and contains sexual elements and includes graphic images, so if this is not for you then PLEASE DO NOT CARRY ON READING AS YOU WILL LIKELY BE OFFENDED.

I guess first off I should introduce myself, I’m Ant and I’ve been playing Football Manager/Championship Manager since they released CM Italia, which I played at a mate’s house. From then I’ve owned every single CM until it split into Football Manager, I support Crewe and Sunderland so really I guess there’s always been a bit of a challenge for me when it comes to picking the teams I love in real life!

At the moment I find it really hard to play as anyone unless there’s a connection in real life, so that means it’s Crewe or Sunderland. It also leaves Chapecoense, I randomly picked them on FM13 and rose up the leagues, then Cleon told me that they were close to being promoted to the top-tier in real life. Ever since then I’ve kept an eye on their results but I’ve not really had a proper save as them.

Anyway, I write a blog that I think is unique within this community. I’ve created the character Ant Mac, he’s a sick twisted individual with some serious deep-rooted issues. My blog doesn’t actually contain that much FM stuff, the game is just a base for me to weave some drug fuelled orgies and murder around.

FM18 – Through The Backdoor

FM18 Part 2 – The Corpse and the Cumshot

FM 18 Part 3 – Who’s Your Fucking Daddy?

FM18 Part 4 – Soggy Biscuit and the Slutty Nuns

FM18 Part 5 – The Deepthroating Christmas Spastic

FM18 Part 6 – Yo, Ho, Ho and an Eye Full of Cum

FM18 Part 7 – Cheryl and the Big Fat Cunt

As you can tell from the titles of the blog stories so far they are not for the easily offended. I’m positive that there are people out there who will absolutely hate what I do, they’ll think it’s immature, sad and pathetic. I’ve always had the same idea as the great Spike Milligan or Vic and Bob, I firmly believe that when you write something or produce content you should enjoy what you’re doing.

I write what I find funny and what I enjoy, my “jokes” so to speak may well miss the mark by some distance with some people but I am always true to what I like. Which is sick humour with plenty of weird graphic sex scenes and a lot of violence, I also try to start each post with a fake quote that may or may not have any relation to the story that’s about to unfold. 

This can backfire thought and to some degree it as, it’s only thanks to a small group of people who I get any promotion on Twitter at all. Soon as there’s a cock, fanny or arsehole on the glorious graphics created by  people refuse to RT it. So go check out my blog you can find me on Twitter @AcidBurnTNA but if you don’t like boobies and stuff then it’s best you don’t follow me. That’s about all really, take a look, who knows you might be entertained.

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