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Cleon has sent out a scout with a 20 judging blogger ability attribute and a 20 judging blogger potential attribute. The scout returns with the following report:

“Hey, I’ve found this American and his blog is He supports FC Bayern München and has named his blog FM Welt. He’s relatively new to FM content creation and has only been blogging since November 2017.

He tried to start an FM YouTube channel in 2016 but stopped after uploading two videos because he felt that YouTube is too difficult and time-consuming. I reckon he’s got two star current blogging ability, but, with gaining experience and receiving feedback, he can grow to five-star blogging potential.”


  • Bilingual – Learned German.
  • Willing to receive and use feedback.
  • Has decent grammar for his age.
  • Loves German, Swiss, and Austrian football.
  • First played FM Handheld (Mobile) 2011 and has played FM on PC since FM13.
  • Writes save stories and guides.
  • Loves making transfers and finding new players.
  • One of the few Americans that creates FM content.


  • Little experience in blogging.
  • Occasional grammar mistakes.
  • Has never managed in England/the UK.
  • Busy with school during the spring and fall.
  • Was sacked in his first FM18 blogging save with Lech Poznan.
  • Tweets about American politics.
  • Sucks at tactics.

His current save story is with Russian side FC Luch-Energiya Vladivostok. The aim of this save is to conquer Russia with a team from the Russian Far East and become the first team from the Pacific Coast to qualify for a continental competition. He started the Vladivostok save with a transfer embargo and installed a rich Russian oligarch chairman. He will implement a unique transfer policy which dictates that only players from ex-Soviet nations and ex-Eastern Bloc nations can be signed for FC Vladivostok.

FM Welt can be found on two social media platforms:


Snapchat: FMWelt

Once again, here is his blogging website:


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