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First off, let me introduce myself… I’m Cookies FMS a Football Manager addict. It is fair to say i have been playing Football Manager since the Championship Manager days. My first football management game was “Ultimate Soccer Manager 98/99”. It was only playable on windows 98 but I enjoyed hours upon hours of enjoyment on that game. This then sparked my interest in “LMA Manager” then “Total Club Manager” which shortly grew into “FIFA Manager”. Not forgetting “FA Premier League Manager” another great game on PC. But none compare the greatest football management game on the earth. Football Manager.

So, why should you follow my blog and other content? Why not. I am a great Football Manager content provider. I upload a Youtube series once a week, constant updates on Twitter and Facebook as well as uploading my blog once/twice per week. I love providing this content and more for the public to see. My football knowledge is extensive, I have studied and worked within football for over the last 10 years in some capacity.


As stated I have a Youtube series of “Building Bournemouth which was decided on Twitter. It is a great starting series for me. Bournemouth are my local club, therefore I know a great deal about them. Or at least I pretend too! I will also be starting a Youtube stream on my channel, so look out for that. There will be a poll on Twitter to decide what team I should start as, I have a few ideas.

I write and create Football Manager content for my part-owned website along with a few other creators. My main piece this season is a San Marino special. I don’t want to give too much away, so why not go and check it out. Also planned for the future are Football Manager guide blogs. This will be available soon. Check out the website and look through all of the Football Manager content we have already.


My Twitter is use to give my followers with constant updates on my Football Manager content. I tend to update my blog save, especially when there is just too much to fit into one blog update. Go ahead, follow me on Twitter and you’ll gain access to what content I’m producing and when it’ll be live.

Thank you to Cleon for showcasing my Football Manager content. I appreciate all the support everyone can offer. I hope you enjoy my present and future Football Manager content.

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