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Hey guys I’m DazzaFM a Football Manager YouTuber and Twitch streamer. I’m 27 years old and a huge Leicester fan, I have played Football Manager from day one the game is something I really enjoy especially recording my videos for YouTube and LIVE streaming through This game has gave me opportunities to meet new football fans and football manager fans which has been a huge highlight for me.

YouTube started for me as a hobby which of course it still is but I treat it like a full-time job. I love doing it and it brings me great joy and lets me interact with like-minded FM fans and I get to share my saves with others. I haven’t been on the YouTube scene too long, around 2 months now but have had some great series uploaded on my channel from Leicester City possession series which ended very badly as you can see below…

This was my very first series on my channel its fair to say the improvement has been very good since, in how I present my content (so people say) and also I haven’t been sacked on camera since. The Greek Masterclass came right at the end of Football Manager 2017 I only managed to get 1 season in but it was a lot of fun and managed some success in winning the league and getting through the Champions League last 16, when we wasn’t even backed to get into the group stages.

Then Football Manager 2018 dropped the best game since the franchise started in my opinion. I absolutely love it and can’t stop playing and creating content for it. My save was at first Rosenborg and the challenge was to get European success as well of domestic titles. But then Hungerford Town FC who play in the Vanamara National South League contacted me and said if I wished to do a long series in this years game with their full backing, Of course I accepted instantly. The goal of the series is to reach the Premier League ill link a trailer for you guys below…..

Also I was announced on their official website

The series got an incredible hype around the community and now I’m currently on Episode 4, it’s the most fun save I have ever done. I try to get 2/3 episodes out a week if my real life allows me to. The club have even gone as far as sending me club merchandise and inviting me to a match day experience after Christmas which I will be Vlogging to show my day to the community, I can’t wait. Hungerford has been absolutely brilliant and are continuing to show how much of a classy club they are. Its worth subbing to my channel for this series it’s getting very interesting now.

Hungerford Road To Glory Episode 1 start the series now 

Massive shout out to Hungerford for this opportunity and sponsoring the series.

Then came Twitch I try to LIVE stream around 3-4 a week a lot of my YouTube fans wanted me to give it a bash so I did and I love it its different to YouTube and people can see how I play live while chatting to me as we go and I really enjoy that. Please give the stream a follow and jump in say hi when ever you can.

Stream Link –

A huge thank you to Cleon for the opportunity of showcasing myself on here the man is a true community legend as deserves so much credit for what he does.

Hope to see you guys subscribe to my YouTube and follow the twitch I will leave all my social media links below.

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