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The FM Teacher is a growing Football Manager website. Having previously run the FM Central website with other members of the FM Community, The FM Teacher decided to make his own website to share his own content as well a content from the FM community.

On his website, he writes about his Football Manager save. His current save on Football Manager he is embarking on a managerial journey with the aim of eventually managing the club he supports, Manchester United.

The FM Teacher – A Managerial Journey to United – End of Season 1

The FM Teacher offers help and guidance for the game with his passion for the finer details of the games including: tactics, analysis, play development and much more! The FM Teacher likes to share the content that the FM Community create. On his website you can download various graphics including facepacks, logos, backgrounds; databases including: lower league databases, additional league databases; skins and much more.

When he is not playing Football Manager, The FM Teacher is a Sports Coach for Coventry Sports Foundation. He is passionate about coaching and education and writes about his own coaching. The FM Teacher has his own Facebook page and Twitter profile. In the future, The FM Teacher is planning on creating his own YouTube channel to create more content for the FM community.

Twitter – @TheFM_Teacher

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