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Hello guys, I’m Kyle, also known as Keg Man Plays or Kegaldinho and I’m here today to tell you why you should come along and check out my videos on YouTube. So I’ve been casually playing management games for years. I think my first introduction to football management games was back in 1997 with Premier Manager 98 for Playstation 1 and ever since then… I’ve been enamoured.

Over the years I’ve played through the premier manager games, reached into LMA Manager (which was fantastic for its time!) before getting a PC and delving into Championship Manager. I can’t remember what iteration of the game it was but I do remember chasing after the signings of Kim Kallstrom, Kenedy Bakircioglu, Jan Kristiansen and Ruslan Nigmatullin.

I started YouTube in May of 2017 and my first video was the start of my FM17 Journeyman! An odd time to start a game when FM18 was releasing a matter of months later but it was what I fancied. Since that day I have uploaded over 370 videos on YouTube (as of December 19th 2017) and I continue to do so on a regular basis!

Since I started pushing out the content I’ve taken more of an active interest in the community and try to give my advice where I can. That being said I still feel like a casual manager! I’m still playing the games for enjoyment more than anything! If you want to come and join me on my FM adventures then do trundle over to my channel where we currently have 2 FM playthroughs on the go.

The European Journeyman (Gone Wild) 

As well as my Red Bull Leyton Orient – Alternate Reality Save

Whats to gain from my content? An extended vocabulary for swearing and a few laughs I hope! 

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