Showcase- The Northman

What is going on guys!!! My name is Paul, also known as The Northman and today I will tell you why you should click the link and check out my videos. 

Let me take you back, my FM journey begins in 1997, an older brother, sick of me talking about football decides to give me a game, he then buys me every version till I turned 16 and got a job. Without him, I would not have found CM in the first place but once I did, it became my passion. Since then I have settled into my yearly life of playing CM then FM post 2005 and now I do it on YouTube, after running a fan site, Facebook groups and pages I moved over to YouTube as I felt I could express my thoughts better that way.

I want to bring you on the journey, I want you to enjoy FM like I do, battling for every penny in my saves, I love to get into a save for the long haul, making the club secure and building a legacy over time. 

Coming over to my YouTube channel you will find someone who has as much passion for FM as you do, if not more! 


Twitter – @TN_TheNorthman

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