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Consectatio Excellentiae – End of Season Two

After the Surprising league win last season the arrival of the tycoon and the ditching of Rodwell, we’re back to cover what happened in season two in the red and white part of the north-east! we started the summer knowing a return to premier league football would be difficult but add to that the added pressure from the tycoon that he demanded a top half finish I knew some reshaping of the squad would be needed.

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Forged In Steel – The Intro

For the past few week’s I’ve been going back and forth as to where I should start on Football Manager. At first I was going to start in Brazil with my mandatory Santos save but I then decided that this year, I wanted to do something slightly different so decided against that idea. So it might come as a surprise to you that I decided to start with Sheffield United. Playing as the Blades isn’t exactly different but what I have in mind is different for what I normally do and how I play the game. Usually I start at a club and never move around, I stay at that club forever and if I fancy a new saved game, I normally just start a new game rather than move clubs. Continue reading Forged In Steel – The Intro

The 3-5-2 Chronicles

In this article I explain how the 3-5-2 formations functions for me. It’s a lengthy article though, so if you don’t enjoy reading a wall of text then the chances are, you’ll dislike what’s to follow :). I could have split the article into different articles but I genuinely believe it works best as one long piece. Continue reading The 3-5-2 Chronicles