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Consectatio Excellentiae – Half a decade down

Half a decade in and a lot has changed on the banks of the wear, with the riches of Hungary behind us, we have established ourselves in the premier league 4 seasons of top half football is what I’d like to think qualifies us for that. We’re a solid top half team now and I’d like to think we need to push up to move onto that next level of constant Europa league qualifiers and possible champion’s league qualifiers. The top 6 are only getting stronger players turn us down for the lack of champion’s league football, within a decade of football (so we’re half way there) the target is champions league football and try and establish ourselves as one of the big clubs.

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Consectatio Excellentiae – End of season Three

We started the season with Optimism the club had finished in the top half of the premier league for the first time in 20 years! we had money to spend and were looking to move on some of the questionable buys of our past, the first arrival was big money as i splashed out £30m to bring Pickford back to the club he was always the long term aim and plan for goalkeeper so a year after leaving he returns for the same fee due to Everton struggling last year.

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