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Consectatio Excellentiae – Half a decade down

Half a decade in and a lot has changed on the banks of the wear, with the riches of Hungary behind us, we have established ourselves in the premier league 4 seasons of top half football is what I’d like to think qualifies us for that. We’re a solid top half team now and I’d like to think we need to push up to move onto that next level of constant Europa league qualifiers and possible champion’s league qualifiers. The top 6 are only getting stronger players turn us down for the lack of champion’s league football, within a decade of football (so we’re half way there) the target is champions league football and try and establish ourselves as one of the big clubs.

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Consectatio Excellentiae – End of Season Four

We move onto season four with three years of Premier League riches in our pocket, adding to the money my Hungarian overlords keep giving me. This was the year I’m hoping to push more for at least a Europa league spot I tried to spend big last year to go all out but players turned me down left right and centre as they wanted champions league football which I didn’t have. So I’ve had to go for the more steady approach and we managed to get solid top half finishes in our first two seasons in the top flight so far. Last season I identified the wing backs as primarily my weak link and knew they would have to be replaced if we were to kick on.

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Consectatio Excellentiae – The Squad

I know the games release is tomorrow so this might be early as I haven’t started the save yet and I’ve only been looking and testing tactics on the beta as there’s a few things I want to do so I figured now is a good a time as any to show my squad based on the beta. There won’t be much of a change up of stats I wouldn’t have thought so I feel confident this will actually be it.

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