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Consectatio Excellentiae – Meet The Gaffer Part 2

Down the corridors of the Academy of light the feel about the place is improved gone is the depression of last season the new manager has improved the clubs fortunes off the pitch and with new owners looking like they are ready to splash the cash financially the club look to be on a good footing. I walked into the manager’s office to find Andy sat headphones on playing the air drums id like to assume its to something like Phil Collins but its more likely to be slayer or anthrax. At least he’s not clad in jeans and a t-shirt this time as he sits in the clubs track suit after over seeing a training session led by his assistant Peter Reid.

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Consectatio Excellentiae – The Squad

I know the games release is tomorrow so this might be early as I haven’t started the save yet and I’ve only been looking and testing tactics on the beta as there’s a few things I want to do so I figured now is a good a time as any to show my squad based on the beta. There won’t be much of a change up of stats I wouldn’t have thought so I feel confident this will actually be it.

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Consectatio Excellentiae – Introduction

Unforced errors, Nobody is too big to go down, shambles of a club, The Club is a shambles, rotten core, mismanaged from top to bottom.

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