Will Work For Food #2

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November 2017





Beef Stroganoff,

Natasha Romanoff

Jack Me OoooooooOOOOH hi there Ms. Sofia.  How are you today?”

She looks at me and says nothing.  I haven’t gotten much out of Sofia since the day we met – me regaining consciousness in a strange office and her staring at me with disdain.  A “Stupid American!” here and a “The board didn’t hire you to lose” there was all that I could manage.

“I was just acquainting myself with the player names.  I think I might give the boys a few nicknames, maybe help cheer things up around here.  What do you think?”

Again I was met with silence.  She closed the distance between us before I noticed the bundle under her arms.  As I looked back at her I could see the corner of her mouth twitch upwards, the closest thing to a smile I have seen since taking up this job.


I began to shift through the papers so pleasantly laid out before me.  Clippings of headlines:

Dinamo St. Petersburg Set Loss Record

“That’s hardly fair – four of the six came before I took over.”

Dinamo St. Petesburg 1-0-5 Under Thumbs”

“That’s an improvement over six losses in a row, so I don’t see how that’s a bad thing.”

Dinamo Outscored 8-19 Under Thumbs

“Ok, I mean, that one’s fair.”

“The board did not hi…”

“Hire me to lose.  I know.”  That was the first time I had ever cut her off and I could feel her eyes burning holes into my skull.  I didn’t dare look up, so I continued to mindlessly shift through the headlines.  “Look, just tell the board that I need more time.  The guys are still adjusting, but we’ll figure things out.”

“Tell them yourself.”

My hand stopped, holding a clipping in midair.  I slowly raised my gaze towards her face.  She was smiling now.  It was beautiful…And terrifying.  The hairs on the back of my neck stood up on end, my heart started pounding, every muscle in my body tensed.  Flee you fool.  A bag pulled tightly over my head, snapping it back against the chair.  A blow to the side of my head.  Lights out.

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