Will Work For Food #4 Season 3 Wrap Up

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My second season with SKA-Khabarovsk, and my third season overall, was nothing but a success.  Predicted to finish 12th, we exceeded expectations by actually finishing one spot higher than last season at 7th in the table.  We left a few too many points out on the field via draws – a couple of those turned into wins and we would have made the playoffs.

I also nabbed a National C License and increased my personal record to 38-19-26 with a +27 Goal Difference.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

So with the end of the season, it comes time to analyze the squad and make some adjustments.

Anton Terekhov finished 2nd in the league with an impressive 19 goals.  He was clearly our main source of offence, as he had more than double the amount of goals of our next highest player.

  • Terekhov – 19 G – 16.39 Marginal Points
  • Malygin – 7 Goals – 6.23 Maringal Points
  • Zamaliev – 6 Goals – 5.52 Marginal Points
  • Alvarez Suarez – 6 Goals – 4.18 Marginal Points

Analyzing our players’ creative ability proved to be a bit more difficult.  Basically, I had to come up with some average to compare to.  So what I went with was Assist/90 and Chances Created/90.  To get an even better idea, I probably should have broken it down by Attacker, Midfielder, and Defender, but that was honestly more work than I was willing to put in.  I mean, I was already manually inputting the data of these stats for 450ish players, so doing any more work was out of the question.  Anyway, the result of those efforts was that the league average for Assist/90 for the Russian 2nd Tier was .1 with a standard deviation of .12.  For Chances Created/90 those figures were .31 and .28, respectively.

Alvarez Suarez lead the way on our squad with his 10 assists and 22 chances created translating to 1.9458 and 1.5129 standard deviations above average for Assist/90 and Chances Created/90, respectively

The other player who well exceeded expectations in these categories was Dvornikov whose massive 3 assists came in at 1.9792 and 1.3036 standard deviations above average.  He proved to be extremely effective in limited action, playing for just 8.89 games over the course of the season.

Passing in general is another stat that is a bit hard to measure.  For me, I’m currently just using a simple average to compare to until I can come up with something better.  For the Russian 2nd Tier, the average team had 22.5 players and completed 15174.1 passes.  From this we can create a generic average of 674.40 passes per player over the course of the season.  Alvarez Suarez once again led the way with 1687 completed passes, 56.25 passes per 90, and 80% completion.  The other leading players on our squad were:

  • Zamaliev – 1528 – 48.37 – 83%
  • Koukou – 1426 – 52.56 – 85%
  • Lelyukhin – 1208 – 54.14 – 77%
  • Konovalov – 1124 – 34.01 – 71%

Individual defensive performance is another category that’s going to be a bit hard to analyze.  I’m going to have to come up with my own averages once again.  So, plans for the future will be to come up with league averages for tackles, interceptions, and mistakes and to hopefully break them down by defense and midfield.  Ideally, I will have my team coming in with HIGH interceptions, HIGH tackle percentage, but with a LOW tackle number.

From an overall team perspective, we ranked:

  • Goals – 52 – 10th
  • Goals Conceded – 40 – T-3rd
  • Possession – 49% – 14th
  • Passes – 14356 – 13th
  • Crosses – 118 – 10th
  • Chances Created – 122 – 7th
  • Shots on Target – 167 – 7th
  • Shutouts – 10 – T-10th
  • Tackles – 750 – 13th
  • Tackle % – 81% – 2nd
  • Salary – 1.07M – 17th

Net $ on Transfers – +1.31M – 17th (Or, we made the 4th most money)

My plans for the offseason are to continue to bolster our youth ranks, buy/sign a backup GK, and to cut down our foreign players from 5 to 3 and to replace them with home-grown players.

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