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2020-2021 Mid-Season Stats

We’ve just hit the halfway point, so it’s a good time to check out some stats.  It should be noted that I won’t be including players that were sold for very technical reasons (I might have forgotten to update their stats before selling them).

Markov and Razz lead the way in terms of goals with 4 a piece.  We’ve made huge strides in our offensive prowess, as we now rank 4th in the league in goals scored with 29.  That being said, it should be noted that we’ve taken a slight hit in production since the transfer deadline.  Prior to the sales we were averaging 1.7 goals per game, since the sales we’ve averaged 1.5 goals per game.  However, that’s to be expected when you ship out the players who accounted for 38% of your team’s goals.

Looking at a combined score of Assists/90 or Chances Created/90, Razz is the lone player to be performing well above average.  His combined rates come out to 1.1339 assists or chances per game, or 1.79 standard deviations above the mean.

I still haven’t calculated the defensive stats for the league.  That’ll most likely be an end of season project.  So I’m not exactly sure how our team stacks up against everyone else.  However, one thing that I can do at this point is to compare this team to my Eastleigh team from last year’s game.

The second tier in Russia currently has a 2.5 star rating in my save.  The stats I have from last year’s game are from League 2 in England, which is a 2 star league in my current save.  So let’s look at the numbers of my starting backline from last year’s game.

  • Interceptions/90 – 12.08 average – 6.89-18.72 min-max
  • Tackles/90 – 2.33 average – 1.54-3.46 min-max
  • Tackles Won % – 74% average
  • Mistakes/90 – 1.88 average – 1.24-2.74 min-max

Now let’s compare that to my current SKA-Khabarovsk starters.

  • Interceptions/90 – 3.67 average – 1.28-6.18 min-max
  • Tackles/90 – 2.88 average – 1.71-4.25 min-max
  • Tackles Won % – 86% average
  • Mistakes/90 – 1.28 average – 0.44-2.25 min-max

So compared to a team that should be a bit weaker than us, we make less interceptions, make more tackles, are more efficient tacklers, and make less mistakes.  Overall, I wouldn’t say that is too bad.  However, it’s not quite up to the standards of football that I would like to be playing.  I mentioned before that I would like my teams to have HIGH interceptions, HIGH tackle %, but LOW tackles.  Why?  Because I want my teams to stop attacking movements dead in their tracks.  I want a tackle to be a last resort.  I want tackles to come when attackers have exhausted all of their options – there’re no passing lanes, they’re too far out to effectively shoot, and they’re getting nervous and dwelling on the ball for too long.  That’s when I want my defenders to act.  I want my defence to force mistakes – poor passes, turnovers, etc.

To be fair, I don’t think that we are terribly far off.  Obviously our ability to intercept the ball is lacking, but if we can up that and slightly drop the number of tackles per game we make, then I would be a happy camper.

What our stats tell me is that we are incredibly good at last ditch defending.  Given our shape, 4-2-3-1 (2 DMs, 1 CM, 2 midfield wingers), I would think that our defence would be more suffocating than the 4-3-2-1 (Or 4-1-2-2-1) that I ran last year.  Don’t get me wrong, our defence isn’t bad at all – we’re one of the stingiest squads in the league.  It’s just that we’re a reactive defence.  Our back line communicates well, they’re in control of their bodies, and they have a knack for getting themselves into the right positions.  None of that is bad.  I would just like to see our defence be more proactive.

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